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A deeper look into President Trump’s new budget

One positive thing about President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget is that it will never pass in the House of Representatives. To summarize his new proposals, or as he calls it, “A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” defense spending goes up while other spending decreases. The military gets more money, and that money comes from education, healthcare and alleviating poverty. It is

Defending Tomi Lahren shouldn’t be a liberal focus

The Editorial Board At UNT, conservatives and Republicans tend to be the whipping boys of political discussions. In many cases, however, a worse subculture is the liberal one which only stands for the Democratic Party, like-minded individuals and no one else. This is dangerous because Republicans continually implement bills fitting their “pro-life” and anti-immigration beliefs. Despite their lack of representation

The economics of spring break

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Spring break is a time in our country in which high school seniors and college students of all ages visit beaches and destination cities across our country, often free of care and of morals, for that matter. It is a time to be relieved of all the burden and stress that school places on you

Maria Kononova breaking records and turning heads for Mean Green tennis

As sophomore Maria Kononova makes her way towards the Waranch Tennis Complex she takes to a robotic, yet graceful style of serving. Each motion has a purpose. Every single service is an exact replica of the previous. The setup is mechanical and the execution can be devastating for opponents. Her feet stand parallel to the baseline, left toes rising at

The doubleheader problem; Mean Green softball struggling in back-to-back games

In a schedule built around double headers and playing up to five games in the span of three days, collegiate softball has one of the most grueling and demanding seasons. The mentality is simple – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Playing 56 games in a little over three months comes with a lot of peaks and valleys, and sometimes,

Roundtable: wrapping up the men’s and women’s basketball seasons

Editor’s note: With the 2016 regular season complete for the Mean Green, the North Texas Daily sports staff has reviewed and analyzed the performance of both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The men’s team finished 8-22 and did not qualify for the Conference USA tournament, while the women’s team finished 12-19 and lost in the quarterfinals of the C-USA