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Rick Villarreal leaving UNT is a change desperately needed

The Editorial Board In November, a plane circled over campus towing a message for the Hurley Administration Building: “Fire Rick Villarreal.” Seven months later, that plane landed. Villarreal told the university community Monday that he was leaving his post as athletic director. Good for UNT. At a time when the university is sailing full steam to be Dallas-Fort Worth’s choice

I love Google, but our curiosity is at stake

Morgan Sullivan | Staff Writer @sadsquadch rom an early age, we all tend to be a little curious. For children, this sometimes includes sticking their hands in or on things they shouldn’t. Most mothers have a story of their children getting their fingers stuck in a hole or burning their hands on the stove. As humans, we have a natural curiosity.

Exclusive: Rick Villarreal discusses resignation as UNT athletic director

Scott Sidway | News & Sports Editor @ScottyWK Editor’s Note: I contacted Rick Villarreal minutes after it was announced he and UNT mutually decided to part ways. Here is the transcript of the exclusive interview between myself and Villarreal. For the original story, click here. From your point of view, what played into the decision to step down? RV: I

Rick Villarreal steps down as UNT athletic director

Scott Sidway | News & Sports Editor @ScottyWK Editor’s Note: To see Villarreal’s exclusive conversation with North Texas Daily about his resignation, click here. UNT Athletic Director Rick Villarreal will step down from his post June 20, according to a university news release. He has held the position for just over 15 years. “UNT President Neal Smatresk and I recently

Softball earns walk-off victory on senior day

Clay Massey | Staff Writer @Clay_FC Just a day after stopping its losing skid that would have been the worst in school history, the Mean Green softball team struck for a win again against the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the final game of the season, this time off the bat of junior outfielder Danielle Gregory. It is just