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Mumble rap is the genre’s glam phase

Preston Mitchell  | Staff Writer @presto_mitch If any genre differs from the music of my youth, it’s rap. From its late ‘70s conception to the ‘90s Golden Age, the genre has prided itself on clever lyricism and storytelling. While the last decade popularized trap music – in which artists like Gucci Mane, Jeezy and T.I. depicted hardships in impoverished settings

Venues need better security to keep us safe

Morgan Sullivan | Staff Writer @sadsquadch After singer Christina Grimmie was shot and killed in Orlando on June 10, many people blamed gun violence. People are skittish to place the blame on one underlying issue: venue security. Since age 14, I have attended concerts on a regular basis. I have been in venues as large as AT&T Stadium and Gexa

UNT consultants host open athletics forum amid athletic director search

Austin Jackson | Staff Writer @a_jack17 With intentions of mending a weary fan base, UNT consultants Trip Kuehne and Michael Sicuro hosted a forum Monday, June 27, bringing together prominent North Texas coaches and over 100 alumni to discuss the current and future state of North Texas athletics. In his address to the crowd, Kuehne said the event was the

UNT Athletics ranked highly in academics in 2014-2015, per report

Nealie Sanchez | Staff Writer @NealieSanchez Despite many subpar performances on the field, UNT athletics found success in the classroom, finishing 2014-2015 with high APR scores, according to an NCAA report. A team’s APR score is comprised of both student athlete GPA and retention of athletes. Each student athlete can receive two points for his or her team: one for

Exclusive: Rick Villarreal discusses resignation as UNT athletic director

Scott Sidway | News & Sports Editor @ScottyWK Editor’s Note: I contacted Rick Villarreal minutes after it was announced he and UNT mutually decided to part ways. Here is the transcript of the exclusive interview between myself and Villarreal. For the original story, click here. From your point of view, what played into the decision to step down? RV: I