Tiny houses are making their way to Denton

The tiny house movement is prominent on HGTV, but soon, it could make its way into the Denton at full force. “It was really an idea that I had as

Harp professor balances music and martial arts

Jaymee Haefner is a walking paradox. Her days are split between the well-lit stage of the Murchison Performing Arts Center surrounded by harp students and the sweaty gyms of Red

UNT Alumni took home seven Grammy Awards Sunday night

Alumni from the UNT College of Music won in three categories at the 59th Grammy Awards Sunday night, chief among them is Snarky Puppy who now have three Grammys. Country

Spider-Man wears black Nikes

Spider-Man, or more recently, Venom, wears black Nikes as he stands along the fountain that divides UNT’s Library Mall. A wave of high school students walking take out their phones as this iteration

WinCo opens distribution center in Denton, largest developmental project to date

Haley Yates | Staff Writer Employee-owned supermarket company WinCo foods has opened its sixth distribution center in Denton, the largest commercial development project in Denton to date. Located at 300

Making a splash: Claudia Kitching breaking molds and records with Mean Green swimming

Claudia Kitching doesn’t fit the mold of the average swimmer. “She’s small,” senior captain Abbie Imes said.  “But [she] has the strongest legs I’ve ever seen in my life.” Instead

Half a century in the making, Rob Evans continues touching lives with the Mean Green

As men’s basketball associate head coach Rob Evans strides through the glass doors that separate the basketball offices from the concourse of the Super Pit, he stops to say a

Elizabeth Warren and the power of silence

Last week Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was silenced on the floor of the Senate by its majority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KT). He evoked Senate Rule 19 while Warren debated

United Way Denton breaks $2 million in donations, starts allowing online donors

United Way Denton is expecting to reach $2 million in the 2016-2017 donation year according to chairman Greg Sawko’s speech at the organization’s fifth annual United TRIBUTE event held Jan.

Denton Public Library launches new 2020 plan

The Denton Public Library has launched a new plan that will carry into 2020; it will focus on education programs, community outreach and resources the library offers, as well as