Experiencing the ‘After Break Effect’

Welcome back, UNT students and faculty. I hope everyone had an amazing spring break. I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely needed that week. It’s always nice to

A deeper look into President Trump’s new budget

One positive thing about President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget is that it will never pass in the House of Representatives. To summarize his new proposals, or as he calls it, “A

SGA candidates discuss parking, safety in town hall

Anticipating the upcoming general election at UNT, the Student Government Association held a town hall meeting Tuesday in the University Union where students could ask candidates questions about issues facing

Defending Tomi Lahren shouldn’t be a liberal focus

The Editorial Board At UNT, conservatives and Republicans tend to be the whipping boys of political discussions. In many cases, however, a worse subculture is the liberal one which only

The Dose: Lane 1974: The heart-wrenching face of great cinematography

Lane 1974: The heart-wrenching face of great cinematography By Adalberto Toledo From the start of Lane 1974, you can feel just how much Lane will lose as the movie goes

Puzzle-like office shifts will begin as renovations come to Sage Hall in May

Renovations in Sage Hall to turn the facility into a “one stop shop” for student success will begin after the end of this semester. The project is expected to continue

Maria Kononova breaking records and turning heads for Mean Green tennis

As sophomore Maria Kononova makes her way towards the Waranch Tennis Complex she takes to a robotic, yet graceful style of serving. Each motion has a purpose. Every single service

Killing A Sound kills it at Killer Tacos

The sun sets on what was the last Saturday of spring break for students of UNT. Cars line up on Bryan Street, as people try to snag an empty parallel

Finding a balance between school and parenting

Nadia Rosales sat in the corner of Naranja Cafe while her daughter, Penelope, tried to slurp the tapioca balls in her boba tea. She could not get them, so she asked her mother to do

The doubleheader problem; Mean Green softball struggling in back-to-back games

In a schedule built around double headers and playing up to five games in the span of three days, collegiate softball has one of the most grueling and demanding seasons.