Eli Young Band looks back at time in Denton

Nikki Lyssy | Staff Writer The crowd roars and the energy builds as Apogee Stadium bursts to life. Standing on a stage positioned in the end zone of a space normally

Is there another Great Recession coming?

The United States of America. A modern superpower. A country characterized by its ability to execute influence on a worldwide scale. A strong military, abundant resources, a diverse population and

New York’s fight against animal abuse is for the better

As the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced on Facebook, March 23 marked a “victory for animals” in Niagara County, New York. The mistreatment of animals has

Democracy, at home and abroad

On March 25, the European Union celebrated its 60th anniversary. Jean Monnet, one of its founding fathers, said the idea was to create an “ever closer union” – one where “Europe will

Goodie Two Shoes and his musical pursuit

“Close your eyes. Listen to how the waves and the wind follow a rhythm. Everything goes at its own pace,” Hayden Cepak, 19, said as he sat on the shore

Letter: Solving the issue of child abuse in Texas

Elizabeth Garcia | Contributing Writer Dear Editor, I am an undergraduate social work student at the University of North Texas. It has come to my attention that Texas is more concerned

Knick Knack Gallery showcases the individuality of seven artists

Knick Knack Gallery opened its doors to the public on March 8, at Voertman’s Gallery. Curated by Betsey Gravatt, the exhibition showcased seven artists’ lives through objects that have a great

Thinking beyond your party loyalty

Kara Jobmann | Staff Writer In 2017, your political affiliation affects who your friends are, what you discuss and even who you date. It has even become a disclaimer on Tinder, making

The relevance of PBS and educational television

On April 10, “Sesame Street” will introduce an autistic character named Julia. The classic series has been a staple of PBS and many children’s lives for 47 years and works to promote

Denton’s pollution problem explained by growth, development in the region

The City of Denton and the greater North Texas region has had an issue with pollution for nearly two decades, with air pollution being consistently higher than what is allowed