The Dose: Vanessa Carlton looks ahead to what’s next

While most people recognize her as the voice behind “A Thousand Miles,” singer Vanessa Carlton is ready to get some new songs stuck in people’s heads. Carlton has been hard

The economics of spring break

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Spring break is a time in our country in which high school seniors and college students of all ages visit beaches and destination cities across

The American Health Care Act: What do we have to lose?

On March 6, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, released the long awaited plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, enacted under former President Barack Obama in 2010.

New men’s basketball head coach Grant McCasland addresses students and UNT community at meet and greet

Amid a sea of green and cheering students, new North Texas men’s basketball head coach Grant McCasland made his way into the student union Tuesday morning. With the fight song

Head coach Brad Stracke helping men’s golf regain prominence

Jaz’man Hampton | Staff Writer Guiding the North Texas men’s golf team since December 2009, head coach Brad Stracke has revived the program in more ways than one. After taking home

It didn’t go as planned, but women’s basketball took another important step rebuilding in 2016

In a meaningless game against Texas Woman’s University at the start of the 2016 season, the North Texas women’s basketball team suffered an injury that haunted them for the rest

The Dose: Drake’s ‘More Life’ is not worth remembering

I’ll let Lil Wayne do the intro of this review with his random sentence at the end of the song “Blem,” where he says, “Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight. I’m

Asbestos remains encapsulated in many buildings on campus

Early in the month of February, a UNT resident of Kerr Hall posted a video on Twitter showing part of the ceiling above his toilet had crumbled and fallen on

The reasons that certain kids have free lunches

President Donald Trump released his 2018 budget proposal, “America First,” on March 16. The budget proposes to eliminate agencies and decrease funding for most of them, while increasing funds for

Learning to be open about mental illness

Mental illnesses are frightening, but they shouldn’t be. Maybe they aren’t to you, but for some people mental illnesses are scary. They can be humiliating, debilitating and embarrassing. But now, it’s