North Texas Daily is the student newspaper for the University of North Texas. It is published each Thursday during the fall and spring semesters and biweekly during the summer sessions, except university holidays and exam periods. North Texas Daily, a nonprofit newspaper, provides information, commentary, and entertainment for UNT and North Texas communities. At North Texas Daily we strive to promote a quality, real-world experience for students within the business and journalism community.

A digital-first publication, we are growing our reach through multi-media, NTDaily news, NTDaily TV, as well as NTDaily Radio.  Look for our Vimeo Chanel and our broadcast on DCTV (Denton Community Television) for NTDaily news.  Also, follow our radio broadcast NTDailyRadio.com.  North Texas Daily Student Media is part of the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas.

North Texas Daily’s mission is to create a professional business atmosphere where students can experience and learn the ethics, challenges, and professionalism of the business community along with the ideas, tools, and solutions needed to meet the challenges they will encounter in future careers.

We accomplish this by providing training and consultation during the course of the student’s tenure while working at North Texas Daily. We encourage our student staff to make their own decisions in solving the everyday business, personnel, customer service and production problems they incur.  We are primarily student managed and encourage an engaging environment where students learn by doing and by working together as a team to make decisions from the newsroom to the marketing consultants and in between.

North Texas Daily is the number one source of information for the student body at the University of North Texas.  In our 100th year, we pride ourselves in being a daily news source through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on our website.  Find us on campus or at your fingertips and follow us as your source for daily news through all mediums: Digital – TV – Radio – Print.