April update on construction and obstructions on campus

April update on construction and obstructions on campus

Various roadblocks and pathways are closed in and obstructed as new and old construction projects throughout the UNT campus continue, set to finish in April.

North Texas Boulevard and I-35

Road closures and obstructions of pedestrian walkways are expected as the Interstate-35 project continues along the intersections of North Texas Boulevard and North and South I-35.

This is due to the realignment of frontal roads at the new North Texas Boulevard bridge and the widening of the main traffic lanes from Bonnie Brae to McCormick street.

The construction is set to finish this semester.

Science Research Building

The east and south sides of the Science Research Building are being renovated. The sidewalks and D parking lot next to the building will be blocked by construction fencing.

The exterior and interior renovations will be wrapping up at some point this month.

Language Building

All sides of the Language Building except the west side are being renovated. Renovations include the removal and replacement of the concrete walkways on the building’s plaza, as well as new drains, access ramps and planters.

The renovations will be wrapping up this month.

Renovated entrance of the Language building facing Avenue A. According to the Construction Obstruction report for April 2017, the list of renovations included new concrete walkways, drains, access ramps and planters. Jennyfer Rodriguez

College of Visual Arts and Design Building

In parking lot 50, east of the Art Building, the new CVAD Building will be built to consolidate art departments. Lot 50 and the sidewalks adjacent will be obstructed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The project is set to finish in October.

New Dormitory behind Kerr Hall

The new dormitory and tour center will be in the northwest corner of Eagle Drive and Avenue A. There will be construction fencing, restricting access to the construction site in parking lot R. The project started in January 2017 and will be completed by July 2018.

West Hall

The south wing and parking lot 17 will be obstructed due to roof repairs being done due to recent storm damage. The roof repairs should be finished later this month.

Community Garden

The green space between Legends Hall and North Texas Lofts will be greeted by a new raised-bed community garden. Pedestrian traffic will be obstructed until May 2017, when the garden is set to be completed.

Central Path

The central pathway is located in Clark Park and the southeast corner of parking lot 27. This pathway will link the Hurley Administration building to the Gateway Center along with new landscaping. 

Walkways near these sites may be obstructed and  Maple street will be closed until May 2017.

Air Force-ROTC Improvements

Parking lot 19 (across Santa Fe Square) through Fouts Field to the AFROTC building faced infrastructure upgrades. The upgrade will provide the campus with power network redundances.

Vehicular traffic will be affected on various days throughout the week until June 2017.

Hickory Street Improvement

From Bonnie Brae Street to Carroll Boulevard, expect various sidewalks and portions of the roadways to be closed throughout the duration of the project. The obstruction is due to the upgrade to the existing sanitary sewer and water service and reconstructed roadway. The project started in January 2017 and will be completed by January 2019.

Parking lot 85

Parking lot 85 east of Victory Hall is dealing with the addition of lights to the lot for increased security. There will be some minor pedestrian and vehicular obstruction until May 2017 when the project is set to be finished.

Fraternity Row and Lot 40

The north side of Maple Street, directly across from Fraternity Row will be obstructed. The new fraternity houses being built on parking lot 40 will create road and walkway obstruction. This project will be completed by May 2017.

Featured Image: Construction taking place in parking lot 50, to the east of the Art building. The new building will consolidate all the art departments. Construction is expected to conclude on Oct. 2018. Jennyfer Rodriguez

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