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Denton now has 8.5 miles of bike lanes, a goal of the city’s Master Plan

Two years after Julie Anderson was appointed to be the City of Denton’s new bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, or “Bike Czar,” Denton’s mobility plan and its continued progress is sparking

A custodian’s life: Working behind the scenes, sometimes at a cost

Celeste Gracia & Jackie Guerrero | Staff Writers Custodians at UNT work behind the scenes to keep hallways, classrooms and common areas clean. Sometimes, though, the job takes a toll on

Krum: The town that voted for Trump

By: Anna Orr, James Norman and Omar Mir Krum, Texas, nestled just northwest of Denton, is a small town of 5,000 residents, and according to 2016 election data, a lot

Media is the problem, but also the solution

In a time of such division within our society, it’s simple to just continue to think you’re right and everything’s okay. But social media and the Internet have allowed us

The Dose: Lane 1974: The heart-wrenching face of great cinematography

Lane 1974: The heart-wrenching face of great cinematography By Adalberto Toledo From the start of Lane 1974, you can feel just how much Lane will lose as the movie goes

SXSW screening: “Tormentero”

Tormentero is more a beautifully aligned cinematographic piece of art than a movie. Movies usually have plots. But the story is of a disgraced fisherman who discovered Mexico’s largest oil

UNT students, faculty again protest to make UNT sanctuary campus

Jynn Schubert & Taylor Crisler | Staff Writers A few dozen UNT students and faculty stood on the steps of the Hurley Administration Building Monday to protest and petition President

Alpha Chi launches transfer student outreach project

Sonia Gomez |Contributing Writer The student organization Alpha Chi National College Honor Society at the University of North Texas has launched a program to help transfer students graduate. Under the

UNT MIST students pioneer the world of sustainability in tourism

Keoni Holoman | Staff Writer UNT graduate students in the MIST program will set off to Costa Rica this summer in an effort to satisfy the country’s tourism goals while

Panel event attempts to lessen concerns of journalism’s future

Kaitlin Pennell | Contributing Writer In the hopes to combat some of the growing negative attitudes that Americans hold toward the media, UNT hosted a panel event entitled “First Amendment: