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Two-time cancer survivor lives out UNT experience

It began with a cough, benign enough to blame it on a cold. But after three months, the cough persisted, causing unsuspecting Rogelio De La Peña, 13, to have an

The Art Den(ton); small gallery brings bold art to locals

In the city of Usak, Turkish painter Evrim Özeskici and sculptor Sirin Koçak stood around a table in their garden, surrounded by art supplies. Özeskici with oil paint, Koçak with

Band conductor takes on new meaning with train collection

Some peoples’ backyards could hold anything from an outdoor grill and patio furniture to stubborn weeds. Dennis Fisher has taken a different track. Fisher, the UNT Symphonic Band Conductor, has built an entire

Harp professor balances music and martial arts

Jaymee Haefner is a walking paradox. Her days are split between the well-lit stage of the Murchison Performing Arts Center surrounded by harp students and the sweaty gyms of Red

Denton’s newest nail salon promises pretty nails and unique cocktails

Dallas/Fort Worth Nail Bar embraces all the elements of a classic girl’s night out: mani-pedis, relaxation and alcohol. The new business, which recently opened in Denton, is a nail salon

Denton women express love for nerd culture through Geek Girl Brunch

Darth Vader and mimosas are a much better pairing than you may think. At least that’s what nerd culture lovers at Geek Girl Brunch Denton believe. GGB Denton is an