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New college starting as College of Arts and Sciences splits in two

The College of Arts and Sciences will be splitting in two on May 15 in order for the new College of Science to focus attention on maintaining UNT’s Tier One

Mayborn School of Journalism will move into Sycamore Hall this summer

The Mayborn School of Journalism will be relocated indefinitely to the second floor of Sycamore Hall this summer with newly updated classrooms, labs and office spaces. The school of journalism

Hydroponic garden provides organic produce for Mean Greens Cafeteria

A shipping container that once held products from thousands of miles away for over thousands of miles now has a more ecologically-friendly purpose. The Leafy Green Machine, the retired shipping container

Puzzle-like office shifts will begin as renovations come to Sage Hall in May

Renovations in Sage Hall to turn the facility into a “one stop shop” for student success will begin after the end of this semester. The project is expected to continue

Asbestos remains encapsulated in many buildings on campus

Early in the month of February, a UNT resident of Kerr Hall posted a video on Twitter showing part of the ceiling above his toilet had crumbled and fallen on

Parking plans show three new lots opening in near future

The long-awaited removal of Fouts Field will start in the next few years and will be replaced with new athletic facilities and more parking, Geary Robinson,director of parking and transportation,

Facilities personnel reflect back on latest master plan as it draws to an end

The University of North Texas’ current master plan will be renewed at the end of this year. The latest master plan in use is the 2013 updated version. The plan

Zipcars come to campus in effort to discourage cars

Zipcar now offers its services to the students and faculty of UNT in an effort to discourage bringing cars to campus. Zipcar is a car rental service that provides a