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The Dose: Vanessa Carlton looks ahead to what’s next

While most people recognize her as the voice behind “A Thousand Miles,” singer Vanessa Carlton is ready to get some new songs stuck in people’s heads. Carlton has been hard

The Dose: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is another Disney home run

Even though it’s a tale as old as time, Bill Condon (writer of “Chicago,” director of “Dreamgirls”) has retold 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast” in a fresh and exciting way.

Mad about music

 Kayleigh Bywater and Rachel Kressin Standing in front of the button wall at Mad World Records, Mark Burke, 43, plucks off a Pikachu button while holding a white and black

American Legion Post 71 fights through low turnout and empty chairs

Tori Almond | Staff Writer As members rolled into Post 71 for the monthly meeting on Tuesday, the empty chairs stood out more than those that had once been filled by

The passion and pressure of being an engineer

Bianca Mujica | Staff Writer The twisting halls of Discovery Park go from quiet and studious to buzzing with activity in a matter of minutes. After everyone has scurried to their

Paws with a purpose

Tori Almond | Staff Writer Before receiving her emotional support animal Lubbock, Taylor Laseter had just one goal at the end of each day: to make it. Before the five month

Gallery curators talk political art and organizing on campus

Taylor Crisler | Staff Writer The latest talk in the “Conversations: Art, Politics and North Texas” series discussed subjects pertaining to present day political topics, science and art galleries on at 6

The Dose: The best of the 2017 Grammy performances

The 59th Grammy Awards were this past Sunday, and the annual award show was definitely one that will be remembered. Whether it was Cee Lo Green’s head-to-toe golden outfit or Katy

UNT slam poetry writer uses past to influence his work

Bianca Mujica | Staff Writer He stood in front of the microphone, his body moving to the beat of his words and his face revealing the emotions from which those words

The art of waving

Austin Jackson | Staff Writer Towering inches above the cement side of University Drive, a fiery figure waves vigorously to the oncoming traffic. Tildon Henderson, 65, marches to the beat of

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