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UNT music entrepreneurship competition finalists vie for $18,000 in prizes

The first ever UNT music entrepreneurship competition announced this past Thursday the finalists and honorable mentions moving to the final round on Friday and grand finale event Sunday. The audience can

UNT’s Delta Gamma chapter tries to expand hockey through “penny wars”

UNT’s Delta Gamma sorority selected different sports to represent and collaborate as part of its Anchor Bowl event on April 6 to support service for sight through “penny wars.” One

21st annual Texas Higher Education Law Conference focused on Trump-era legal issues

With the election of President Donald Trump and the legal questions around his policies, the 21st annual Texas Higher Education Law Conference focused mostly on key issues facing undocumented students,

UNT will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy for one year

The Mean Green fund purchased enough credits through the Denton Municipal Electric’s Green Sense Renewable Energy Program to allow UNT to have 100 percent renewable energy for a year through

The Dose: An exploration of the Big Easy

On the French Quarter in Louisiana, creole townhouses and cottages line up, painting the neighborhood with colors ranging from navy blues and vivid purples to mixed teals and raging reds. Yellows

College of Education professionals receive $250,000 for autism research

College of Education professionals received $250,000 for statewide autism research services that includes money for in-home training for parents of kids with autism spectrum disorder. The grant plans to help

UNT researchers focus on nuclear waste management methods

A UNT research team received $10 million from the Department of Energy toward research aimed at making the disposal of nuclear materials safer. The Energy Frontier Research Center, or EFRC,

UNT promotes healthy habits to raise awareness about eating disorders

Anxiety, stress and depression are just three potential reasons for the body negativity that forces one out of every 200 American women into anorexia, but UNT has attacked the issue

UNT to offer 11-month MBA program, one of shortest in nation

The UNT College of Business will be offering a full-time, 11-month business management MBA degree program starting this summer, one of the fastest in the country. UNT’s full-time MBA program