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Defending Tomi Lahren shouldn’t be a liberal focus

The Editorial Board At UNT, conservatives and Republicans tend to be the whipping boys of political discussions. In many cases, however, a worse subculture is the liberal one which only

The Dose: ‘The Disaster Artist’ pays respects to a cult classic

Sitting down in Austin’s Paramount Theatre for its premiere of “The Disaster Artist,” it was clear from Seth Rogen and the Franco brothers’ intro that they wanted to document “The

The economics of spring break

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Spring break is a time in our country in which high school seniors and college students of all ages visit beaches and destination cities across

Are you pro-life or just anti-abortion?

Kara Jobmann | Staff Writer The Republican and Democratic parties have made their stances on abortion abundantly clear. Pro-abortion rights, or “pro-choice,” (D) is the idea that a woman should

The Dose: ‘Free Fire’ is 90 minutes of trigger-happy fun

Produced by Martin Scorsese, “Free Fire” is rollicking action fun that throws great actors together for a nonstop gunfight in one setting. While it sounds like a pitch that could

The Dose: ‘Porto’ is heartbreaking fare from the late Anton Yelchin

Heavily influenced by French New Wave auteurs François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, it’s too easy to call “Porto” a stylish swag song for the late Anton Yelchin. A wonderful young

The Dose: Future breaks music records this month

Xavier Spurlock | Contributing Writer Around the third quarter of last year, barbershops and lunch tables all began to count Future’s new “Hndrxx” album out. “He can’t top his 2014-15

President Trump’s wall is actually racist

P.J. Martinez | Contributing Writer P.J. Martinez is a philosophy student at UNT. The following article is his response to the column, “What President Trump’s wall actually means.” Ms. Reed concedes

‘A Day Without a Woman’ in the newsroom

The Editorial Board Considering yesterday was International Women’s Day, it is important to note that our production staff is entirely comprised of women. Therefore, we felt obligated to print our publication accordingly

The public relations ethics of Kellyanne Conway

Kara Jobmann | Contributing Writer Public relations professionals are some of the most skilled workers out there. They are persuasive, and can oscillate between news writing, op-eds, press releases and advisories.