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Marine Le Pen: The future of the European Union

The parallels between Marine Le Pen, the leader of the conservative National Front, and President Donald Trump are alarmingly close. It seems like France saw what was happening in America,

The Marine Facebook scandal set women’s rights back

Victoria Almond | Staff Writer Breakups can be nasty, but few expect their explicit photos to end up on Facebook for others to see. The Marine Corps has recently been

The Dose: Playboi Carti’s anticipated debut arrives

Xavier Spurlock | Contributing Writer Last Friday, rapper Playboy Carti released his highly anticipated self-titled debut mixtape. Released on the same day as Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN,” Carti is maintaining hip-hop’s

The Dose: ‘True Conviction’ is a must-see, emotional crime documentary

Abby Jones | Staff Writer Chris Scott spent 13 years behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit, until the actual killer confessed in 2009. Johnnie Lindsey and Steven Phillips

The Cleveland killer shouldn’t be the demise of streaming media

The Editorial Board This past weekend, the ethics of live streaming were called into question through ways that even “Black Mirror” failed to make us confront. On Sunday in Cleveland,

The flawed approach to modern network coverage

Gabriela Macias | Staff Writer A lot has been said about the role mass media played in the 2016 election, especially when considering major cable news networks. One of these

The buck has to stop in college sports

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer We have an opportunity in America that may be foreign to several other countries. It’s an economic and political system called capitalism. It enables its

Gun violence awareness among college campuses

Bethany Wallace | Staff Writer The school shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California has left people, once again, questioning how our school districts and government will

China’s trade goals increase Trump’s policies

Matthew Li | Staff Writer President Donald Trump’s isolationist policies are advantageous for a China on the rise. By minimizing U.S. international influence, Trump is leaving open an economic power

The Dose: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’ is a new hip-hop classic

Matt Brune | Staff Writer Seen by several as the greatest rapper of this hip-hop generation, Kendrick Lamar delivered another timeless masterpiece on the morning of Good Friday. The name