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Mayborn School of Journalism professor Dave Tracy dies at 69

Dave Tracy, a lecturer at UNT whose long broadcast career included working for CBS and founding his own production company, died Wednesday. Tracy, 69, is survived by his two children,

Survey shows majority of students think sexual assault is ‘significant problem’ at UNT

A survey of 291 UNT students found more than half believe sexual assault to be a significant problem at the university. The survey also showed a majority of students did

Sexual assault victim recalls a night in Maple Hall

“It happened.” That was what she kept saying. “And I don’t want to say it was an accident because he knew what he was doing,” Addison said. “But I don’t think

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report Shows Little Change in Crime Rates

UNT published its Annual Security and Fire Safety report Sept. 30, including statistics that show little significant change in crime rates. According to the document prepared by the UNT Clery

UNT to create free speech area for written expression

UNT is taking steps to create a Free Speech Task Force and a permanent on-campus space for written expression after students took part in a silent protest on Willis Library

Feds investigating UNT over handling of sexual violence case

The U.S. Department of Education opened a sexual violence investigation earlier this month to inquire whether UNT properly handled a student’s claim of sexual assault according to Title IX, government