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Not your average t-shirt company

Nice Dudes Servicing Craft is a Denton small business with an appropriate name and a fun approach to merchandise production. Owners Bryan Levings, Ellen Levings and Nickie Blair put their

The passion and pressure of being an engineer

Bianca Mujica | Staff Writer The twisting halls of Discovery Park go from quiet and studious to buzzing with activity in a matter of minutes. After everyone has scurried to their

Gallery curators talk political art and organizing on campus

Taylor Crisler | Staff Writer The latest talk in the “Conversations: Art, Politics and North Texas” series discussed subjects pertaining to present day political topics, science and art galleries on at 6

Tiny houses are making their way to Denton

The tiny house movement is prominent on HGTV, but soon, it could make its way into the Denton at full force. “It was really an idea that I had as

Harp professor balances music and martial arts

Jaymee Haefner is a walking paradox. Her days are split between the well-lit stage of the Murchison Performing Arts Center surrounded by harp students and the sweaty gyms of Red

Spider-Man wears black Nikes

Spider-Man, or more recently, Venom, wears black Nikes as he stands along the fountain that divides UNT’s Library Mall. A wave of high school students walking take out their phones as this iteration

Kayla Olson shares her own story

The sun rose slowly, its red-orange glow setting in the sky, as the world started waking up to start the day. One computer screen, however, continued glaring on. The sound of

A new normal lifestyle under rising higher education costs

In a drab technical communication lab on the third floor of the auditorium building, history junior Alex McCann works where there is no food, drink or skateboards allowed.McCann spends up to 20 hours a week in the lab. Here, she helps anxious students with their projects, helps them build resumes and fits in time for her homework.After lab time and class, her day is far from over. From school, she leaves straight for her night job as a server at Waffle House, where she also works up to 20 hours

Karma Yoga instructor Jessica McReynolds finds solace in struggles

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class hosted by Jessica McReynolds of Karma Yoga Denton, then you know to expect many laughs, moments of deep connection with friends and

Denton’s newest nail salon promises pretty nails and unique cocktails

Dallas/Fort Worth Nail Bar embraces all the elements of a classic girl’s night out: mani-pedis, relaxation and alcohol. The new business, which recently opened in Denton, is a nail salon