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In spite of FA, North Texans’ lives move quickly

RED OAK, TX — The word “disability” doesn’t exist to Emily Baudin. A conversation with her likely means you’ll be smiling until your cheeks are sore. And you can’t help it

420 Festival celebrates America’s ‘Weed Day’

During mid-evening this past Thursday, the smell of cigarettes, burgers and popcorn could be detected in the air. A master of ceremonies seemed to be doing some giveaways of sorts

Life after being born again

She walks past the shadows of old trees and freshly cut grass. Her girlfriend hugs her hips as she walks her great dane. At this dog park in Fort Worth,

Svatantrya Temple provides a space for peace and gathering

Sarah Sarder | Staff Writer Cierra Edmondson | Contributing Writer A light spring wind cascades in from the open windows, gently kissing the skin and causing the candle flames to dance excitedly.

Texas Tulips’ history serves more than just an Instagram post

What started as a fascination with the prime time soap opera “Dallas” nearly 30 years ago has since found itself blooming into something much bigger right here in North Texas.

Running on hope

Despite the biting cold, runners wearing fleece jackets and cheerful smiles gathered Saturday at South Lakes Park for the Adventures in Autism 5K. The event, hosted by the UNT Kristin

UNT Drag Show inspires audience and performers

Bianca Mujica | Staff Writer The audience stomped their feet in a makeshift drumroll while they waited for the results. After a few long minutes, the winner was declared. Crystal Wildfire

Dazzling in drag

Sarah Sarder | Staff Writer Cierra Edmondson | Contributing Writer UNT political science major Eric Duran, 21, runs frantically back and forth from the bathroom to his bedroom. Duran is searching for

STARPARTY makes a Daft Punk-inspired mark in Denton

Abby Jones | Staff Writer If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of an impromptu dance party at any of Denton’s ubiquitous small music venues, it’s likely you were

Officer’s hardships spark desires to protect UNT

Omar Mir | Staff Writer The sky turned its deepest shade of pink as loud roars filled the brisk autumn air. The Mean Green were taking on Rice at Apogee Stadium, and the roar