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Theatre student overcomes obstacles to direct show

Rachel Linch | Contributing Writer Sitting in the last row of seats of the dimly lit auditorium, theatre performance junior Kolton Cotton, 21, scans every detail of the stage in front of

Killing A Sound kills it at Killer Tacos

The sun sets on what was the last Saturday of spring break for students of UNT. Cars line up on Bryan Street, as people try to snag an empty parallel

Finding a balance between school and parenting

Nadia Rosales sat in the corner of Naranja Cafe while her daughter, Penelope, tried to slurp the tapioca balls in her boba tea. She could not get them, so she asked her mother to do

Give the people what they want, Let Them Eat Local

Charlyn and Joshua Woolley want you to think of 100-degrees under an August sun in Texas when you have locally-raised beef for dinner. In the fresh fruits and vegetables you

A local conspiracy “realist”

Local Denton resident’s controversial message sparks conversation Less than half a mile away from campus at the corner of Panhandle and Malone sits the easily eye-grabbing home of Patrick Burke.

A New Normal 3: Values changing in higher education

Ross Rhodes, a hospitality management senior, speaks to a possible client at the College of Business career fair on Feb. 15, representing the Bent Tree Country Club. Rhodes attends 15 hours of classes a week at UNT while working 40-50 hours working in hospitality as a food and beverage manager at the country club in Dallas. He’ll be graduating with just around $10,000 in loans, a minimal amount of debt compared to the national class of 2016 average of $37,172 per student, according to statistics

Zero waste: a minimalist lifestyle

Featured Image: Featured Image: Jackson Dean and Natasha Driedger have committed to a “zero waste” lifestyle, where they do their best to create as little trash as possible in their day-to-day

Two-time cancer survivor lives out UNT experience

It began with a cough, benign enough to blame it on a cold. But after three months, the cough persisted, causing unsuspecting Rogelio De La Peña, 13, to have an

Tackling eating disorders at UNT

Eating disorders are among the fatal mental illnesses, and the stigma around having and discussing them often makes recovery more difficult. But a group of professionals at UNT have joined forces to

Online counseling looks promising in early stages

Therapist Assisted Online, the counseling center’s newest form of treatment, has provided students with an alternative form of mental health treatment since the fall semester and is set to reach