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UNT alumna uproots career to pursue flower business

Beth Jackson can talk about tulips, benjamin buttons or sweet peas for hours. Few people are keen on discussing flower types for more than a fleeting minute, but for Jackson,

Helping elementary students discover college life

Eddie Arellano snapped photos every few seconds, smiling proudly in between each click of the camera. In front of him, two dozen elementary kids were bubbling with admiration as they

UNT student couple looks to spread the gospel through their relationship

He enters the room with a set purpose, greeting everyone with a smile. He stands proud in front of the audience with a gleam in his eye. As he looks around

UNT art students bring new life to Lake Forest Village

UNT art students were honored in March at a reception for their sculpture displays at the Lake Forest Village retirement center. The artists, Felicia Jordan, Mani Negarestan, Lauren Noorlag and

2nd Annual Mustache Dash Celebrates Philanthropic Facial Hair

The sun may have hardly risen, but about 300 runners had already gathered in their blue t-shirts at North Lakes Park for a quirky Saturday morning charity event, perfectly fit

A sneak peek into UNT’s Community Garden

About a year ago, plans to build a community garden on campus were approved and actions were in full gear. As we are nearing the beginning of March, planters are

Steve’s Wine Bar: A Grape in a World of Hops

Just past the Square on Hickory Street lies a new Denton bar that’s in a whole other ballpark than ones you’ll find on Fry Street. Married couple Steve and Karen

A new normal college experience

He starts to see customers file in, sporadically, around 11 pm. Most nights, he listens to sitcoms in his headphones to pass the time. Tonight, he’s got “Seinfeld” on his

Balancing tacos and music with break ins and renovations

Killer’s Tacos pushes through break ins and trouble to celebrate one year anniversary  From an outside perspective, the restaurant looks like an average, residential house and can easily be mistaken for

The Steampunk Ballroom transforms old into new

At her stand at the Denton Community Market, Dee Kautsch sports a pair of Steampunk goggles decorated with jutting pieces of steel and copper. She looks like an industrial Willy