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The Denton Community Market turns seven

It is 9 a.m., and a familiar sight for this time of the year presents itself. Around the corner from jars of golden zucchini jam adorned by fair ribbons, past

The Big Event works to keep Denton beautiful

People from around Denton community, among thousands of other college students across Texas, came together for The Big Event this past Saturday at UNT. UNT students came to join hands to help the

Disabled veteran prepares to fight UNT in court, citing “civil rights violations”

One UNT veteran will fight for his best friend in court. Tawan Throngkumpola, a U.S. Navy combat veteran suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries received a letter on Nov. 14

Denton storytelling association keeps an ancient art alive

Texan storytellers preserve art of folklore and fable With the power of their voice, a storyteller can take you into the eye of a tornado, a snarling lion’s den or

Eli Young Band looks back at time in Denton

Nikki Lyssy | Staff Writer The crowd roars and the energy builds as Apogee Stadium bursts to life. Standing on a stage positioned in the end zone of a space normally

Goodie Two Shoes and his musical pursuit

“Close your eyes. Listen to how the waves and the wind follow a rhythm. Everything goes at its own pace,” Hayden Cepak, 19, said as he sat on the shore

Knick Knack Gallery showcases the individuality of seven artists

Knick Knack Gallery opened its doors to the public on March 8, at Voertman’s Gallery. Curated by Betsey Gravatt, the exhibition showcased seven artists’ lives through objects that have a great

Theatre student overcomes obstacles to direct show

Rachel Linch | Contributing Writer Sitting in the last row of seats of the dimly lit auditorium, theatre performance junior Kolton Cotton, 21, scans every detail of the stage in front of

A world of warehouse

He arrives at 9 a.m. with a water bottle in his hands and a blue t-shirt on his back. Forklifts whir and semi-trailers are backed into their docks as he clocks-in

Killing A Sound kills it at Killer’s Tacos

The sun sets on what was the last Saturday of spring break for students of UNT. Cars line up on Bryan Street, as people try to snag an empty parallel