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On the possibility of time travel

Preston Mitchell | Staff Writer @Presto_Mitch In 1916, Einstein defined gravitational waves as ripples through space and time. It was the final postulation to be proven in his famed theory

We’re an open forum, write us a letter

The Editorial Board Recently, there has been a sort of backlash following the publication of a piece titled “Letter: Don’t do the Fry Street Crawl.” It was penned by criminologist Dexter Simpson on behalf

Reactions to our call for SGA to #MakeUNTGreatAgain

The Editorial Board On Thursday, The Editorial Board of the North Texas Daily penned an editorial titled “Letter to SGA: #MakeUNTGreatAgain.” The piece was a close look at what the experience

Letter: A new semester and 100 years of journalistic excellence

Nicholas Friedman | Editor-In-Chief @NMFreed It’s hard to imagine what the world looked like 100 years ago. World War I raged on, the Titanic had sunk and films were still

Takeaway from President Obama’s Oval Office Speech

Harrison Long | Editorial Writer @HarrisonGLong The irony of Barack Obama’s third address from the Oval Office arises from the nature upon which he delivered its predecessor. In August of 2010,

An open letter to Gov. Greg Abbott on the migration of refugees

Harrison Long | Editorial Writer @HarrisonGLong Good sir, I would like to begin by saying that I understand as the duly appointed leader of our fair state, in times of

Cultural appropriation and how to not be a jerk this Halloween

Harrison Long | Editorial Writer @HarrisonGLong Halloween is an exciting time for the college crowd. Let’s face it, we’re all bit childish at heart. Costume parties have replaced trick-or-treating, and

Letter: New year, new editor, new North Texas Daily

Nicholas Friedman | Editor-in-Chief @NMFreed Well we’re here again, here at the start of another semester. With a new set of classes comes a new editor of the North Texas Daily.

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