How can Democrats succeed in the next four years?

On the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, Democrats awoke to a crude reality. Not only had their candidate lost the election for the 45th presidency, they were also now the minority

Chance the Rapper is more than his religious stances

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards were held on Feb. 12, and as many have heard or seen, the night was extravagant and eventful. Among the winners and performances, the noteworthy, historic winner

USDA removes animal welfare reports from website

On Feb. 3, the United States Department of Agriculture removed investigation and animal welfare violations reports on several laboratories, animal farms, zoos and “puppy mills” from their website, which has

Russia and President Trump versus the world

The Editorial Board Next Monday, it will be a month since Donald Trump became our president. This week, he’s had to fight for his credibility more than ever before, gradually compromising

Elizabeth Warren and the power of silence

Last week Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was silenced on the floor of the Senate by its majority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KT). He evoked Senate Rule 19 while Warren debated

Black history is American history

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Black Americans are often reminded of slavery and the monstrosities that were inflicted upon them during the 360 years of the slave trade. It is pertinent to

Texas’ straight burden

Dalton LaFerney | Contributing Writer I was following along to a history lecture last fall when many of you left class to march around the Square with students from Texas Woman’s

What it’s like dating a Trump supporter

Alyssa Wolverton | Contributing Writer When Harrison first told me, I thought it was a joke. “I can’t wait until Trump is president!” he exclaimed. Then I realized after a

The “Muslim ban,” from an economic standpoint

Once again, President Donald Trump has not failed to deliver on his promises. His campaign promised to “ban all Muslims” from entering the U.S., and this was put into action

How some DAM Awards affect the community

The inaugural Denton Arts and Music Awards were held Saturday night by local blogsite The Dentonite. The idea for the DAM Awards – a convenient acronym for a place like Denton – was drawn from