Thinking beyond your party loyalty

Kara Jobmann | Staff Writer In 2017, your political affiliation affects who your friends are, what you discuss and even who you date. It has even become a disclaimer on Tinder, making

The relevance of PBS and educational television

On April 10, “Sesame Street” will introduce an autistic character named Julia. “Sesame Street” has been a staple of PBS and many children’s lives for 47 years and works to promote diversity

Experiencing the ‘After Break Effect’

Welcome back, UNT students and faculty. I hope everyone had an amazing spring break. I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely needed that week. It’s always nice to

A deeper look into President Trump’s new budget

One positive thing about President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget is that it will never pass in the House of Representatives. To summarize his new proposals, or as he calls it, “A

Defending Tomi Lahren shouldn’t be a liberal focus

The Editorial Board At UNT, conservatives and Republicans tend to be the whipping boys of political discussions. In many cases, however, a worse subculture is the liberal one which only

The economics of spring break

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Spring break is a time in our country in which high school seniors and college students of all ages visit beaches and destination cities across

The American Health Care Act: What do we have to lose?

On March 6, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, released the long awaited plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, enacted under former President Barack Obama in 2010.

The reasons that certain kids have free lunches

President Donald Trump released his 2018 budget proposal, “America First,” on March 16. The budget proposes to eliminate agencies and decrease funding for most of them, while increasing funds for

Learning to be open about mental illness

Mental illnesses are frightening, but they shouldn’t be. Maybe they aren’t to you, but for some people mental illnesses are scary. They can be humiliating, debilitating and embarrassing. But now, it’s

Are you pro-life or just anti-abortion?

Kara Jobmann | Staff Writer The Republican and Democratic parties have made their stances on abortion abundantly clear. Pro-abortion rights, or “pro-choice,” (D) is the idea that a woman should