What to consider for senior year

I’m just going to say it, I’m coming down with a hard case of senioritis. Is it just me or are the last two semesters in college the hardest times

President Trump’s wall is actually racist

P.J. Martinez | Contributing Writer P.J. Martinez is a philosophy student at UNT. The following article is his response to the column, “What President Trump’s wall actually means.” Ms. Reed concedes

‘A Day Without a Woman’ in the newsroom

The Editorial Board Considering yesterday was International Women’s Day, it is important to note that our production staff is entirely comprised of women. Therefore, we felt obligated to print our publication accordingly

Tom Perez is the leader that Democrats need

On Feb. 25, Thomas E. Perez, a former secretary of labor and establishment favorite, was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Perez ran a close election and narrowly defeated

The balancing act of national surveillance

In the early hours of Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted a set of accusations directed at former President Barack Obama. Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped"

Traditional versus nontraditional students

In our society, we place a great significance on higher education. Our parents and teachers always encouraged us to try our best academically. If we came home from school with

Shaky commitments to NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has long been a symbol of the free world, enforcing humanitarian agendas and committing itself to universal rights for all. Such a noble force has the

What President Trump’s wall actually means

In his first address to Congress on Feb. 27, President Donald Trump made many promises to the American people. He took stances, dug in his feet and set out a

The public relations ethics of Kellyanne Conway

Kara Jobmann | Contributing Writer Public relations professionals are some of the most skilled workers out there. They are persuasive, and can oscillate between news writing, op-eds, press releases and advisories.

Millennials will decide all future elections

Harrison Long | Contributing Writer It would seem silly now to say that the 2016 election was historic in scope and outcome. Apart from the obvious, and the division that