Editor-in-Chief bids farewell

When I arrived for my first semester at the University of North Texas, I felt like I had been reduced to a number. Coming from a high school graduating class

Students dreaming big, but not too big

Tonight, the Multi-State Lottery Association is going to make some average American feel very, very lucky. At press time, the jackpot amount for the Wednesday night Powerball lottery stands at

Avoid holiday hedonism for your health

Last week, many Americans got together with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. While they were sitting down to their Thanksgiving dinner and counting their blessings, it might have been

Give excessive Christmas spirit a break

For those of you who don’t know, Christmas is in December. It shouldn’t start after Thanksgiving. It should start when December begins. That includes the lights, reindeer games and most

Facebook freakout is waste of a good panic

If you’ve taken the time to keep up with your friends on Facebook over the Thanksgiving weekend, you might have noticed a few of them rushing to paste a strange

Semester’s crimes raise question of campus safety

Students on campus and off check their emails only to frequently find crime alerts sent out from UNT. They find that it is another assault or theft. These crimes need

Spirit-challenged students need cure for moans, groans

In a few short weeks, I’ll walk across the stage at the Super Pit, accept my diploma and leave the University of North Texas a better person. But it’s safe

Holiday giving is greatest gift of all

The holidays are said to be about spending time with loved ones, yet there is still the expectation of having presents under the tree. But can you imagine the feeling

Black Friday fever becomes epidemic

Asphyxiations. Stampedes. Paralysis. Miscarriages. Shootings. These are the result of frenzied Black Friday shoppers pummeling others to save a few bucks on non-necessities. This year, retailers will extend these antics

Staff Editorial: Holiday table’s sore thumb should can it

We’re going to assume that most students on this campus observe the Thanksgiving holiday in some fashion. What that means to you is up in the air. You could consider