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The Dose: An exploration of the Big Easy

On the French Quarter in Louisiana, creole townhouses and cottages line up, painting the neighborhood with colors ranging from navy blues and vivid purples to mixed teals and raging reds. Yellows

The Dose: Lane 1974: The heart-wrenching face of great cinematography

Lane 1974: The heart-wrenching face of great cinematography By Adalberto Toledo From the start of Lane 1974, you can feel just how much Lane will lose as the movie goes

Weezer brings the heat at SXSW

The chants began early in the evening, hours before Weezer would grace the stage. That didn’t stop the crowd from a little premature celebration, however. When you think of SXSW,

New Politics steals the show at SXSW

If there was a single band I’d want to see live until I die, it would be New Politics. The band has a tough slot opening for Weezer on tour

The Dose: ‘The Disaster Artist’ pays respects to a cult classic

Sitting down in Austin’s Paramount Theatre for its premiere of “The Disaster Artist,” it was clear from Seth Rogen and the Franco brothers’ intro that they wanted to document “The

The Dose: Vanessa Carlton looks ahead to what’s next

While most people recognize her as the voice behind “A Thousand Miles,” singer Vanessa Carlton is ready to get some new songs stuck in people’s heads. Carlton has been hard

The Dose: Drake’s ‘More Life’ is not worth remembering

I’ll let Lil Wayne do the intro of this review with his random sentence at the end of the song “Blem,” where he says, “Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight. I’m

The Dose: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is another Disney home run

Even though it’s a tale as old as time, Bill Condon (writer of “Chicago,” director of “Dreamgirls”) has retold 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast” in a fresh and exciting way.

The Dose: ‘Free Fire’ is 90 minutes of trigger-happy fun

Produced by Martin Scorsese, “Free Fire” is rollicking action fun that throws great actors together for a nonstop gunfight in one setting. While it sounds like a pitch that could

The Dose: ‘Porto’ is heartbreaking fare from the late Anton Yelchin

Heavily influenced by French New Wave auteurs François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, it’s too easy to call “Porto” a stylish swag song for the late Anton Yelchin. A wonderful young