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The Dose: Our choices for the 87th Academy Awards

The Editorial Board  This award season celebrates some pretty good movies. Five of the editors predicted the outcome of the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 22. Don’t miss our

The Dose: Should you buy the “New” Nintendo 3DS XL?

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor Everyone knows Nintendo. They’re like the Disney of gaming. In an industry chock-full of everything from pay-as-you-play iPhone games to $60 shooting galleries, it’s nice

The Dose: Kanye West unveils new track at Adidas event

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor Kanye West had a weird week. From Sunday night’s Grammy nonsense to rumblings that he is headed to the studio with Will Smith and Taylor

The Dose: Marvel Comics Review Roundup for Feb. 11, 2015

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor On the curtails of a tremendous week for Marvel in co-producing Spider-Man, this week’s comic book released are short and sweet, continuing some big Marvel

The Dose: Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor In a report released tonight, Marvel announced plans to co-produce the future of the Spider-Man film franchise, beginning with an appearance by Spidey in an

The Dose: The Legend of Zelda, a Netflix original

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor This week, reports claimed that Nintendo was developing a new live-action series with Netflix adapting one of its most beloved properties, The Legend of Zelda. This

The Dose Liveblog: The 57th Grammy Awards

The Editorial Board / Liveblog

The Dose: Marvel Comics Review Roundup for Feb. 4, 2015

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor This week’s comic book releases bring us the second outings of the Skywalker Gang and everyone’s favorite Ant-Man, Scott Lang, as well as a peculiar

Liveblog: the commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

The Editorial Board / Live Blog The Dose is the North Texas Daily’s special section for entertainment reviews, including movies, TV, music and literature. Look here for all critical content and

The Dose: 57th Grammy Award predictions

There have been better years for music, but the 57th annual Grammy’s are on Sunday, Feb. 8. Six of the editors predicted the outcome of all the major categories. Read