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  1. spdrstar
    spdrstar June 27, 01:12

    The new site is great! Everything is so much faster and the side bar is so pretty!

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  2. Mike Schenk
    Mike Schenk July 13, 11:25

    I am a UNT journalism student, and I would like to submit a rebuttal to the opinion piece titled “The poor implications of Shockwave legalization”


    “Many Americans are probably in the same boat as I am though, and are continuously surprised that practically any gun is still legal in the U.S.”

    Are you for real?

    The majority of Americans support the 2nd amendment. There are an estimated 55 million gun owners in the US. For you to be “surprised” that guns are legal is just absurd and manipulative. Guns have always been a part of America, and this should surprise no one.

    Being “surprised” that guns are legal is not an argument, and pretending to be ignorant of the reality that the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to bear arms doesn’t compel me to your perspective at all.

    Either you are disingenuous, or you need a history lesson. The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of We The People to keep and bear arms. This right, along with the right of freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, etc. is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Just because you don’t like the 2nd Amendment, doesn’t change the fact that millions of law abiding citizens depend on firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones. Firearms save lives every day, and any police officer will tell you that.

    No offense, but I’m kind of shocked that someone could write an article that’s so bad, so partisan, and so ignorant of gun laws and gun culture, especially in the great state of Texas. I urge you next time to do more research and provide more facts instead of simply writing about your feelings, which, again, is not an argument.

    Since you seem to be ignorant about the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, I suggest taking the US & Texas Constitution course (PSCI 2306) to learn more. Also maybe look into persuasive writing. All you have done with this opinion piece is indicate that you are ignorant of why people own firearms, and don’t really want to understand the reasons that people own them.

    I worry for the future of this country when journalists are nothing more than vectors for socialist propaganda to disarm Americans, which will make us vulnerable to abuse from criminals. Even worse, an authoritarian regime like Pol Pot’s Cambodia, where people were literally executed for simply knowing how to read. The whole point of gun ownership is to secure your freedom and safety, and that includes the tyranny of an oppressive regime or invading foreign power.

    I am assuming since you don’t like guns, you probably don’t like President Trump. What if Trump actually was a dictator as the left-leaning media claims, and what if he started rounding people up and putting them in camps? Wouldn’t you want innocent people to be able to defend themselves from an evil regime, if Trump is really as bad as they say he is?

    As a fellow UNT and Mayborn School of Journalism student, I am appalled at the ignorance of your article. If you don’t like the Constitution and Bill of Rights, perhaps you’d be more at home in North Korea, where guns are banned and you have no freedom of speech? Our civil rights mean NOTHING to authoritarians if we can’t defend them from being taken away.

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