Denton County Libertarian Party wants you to vote

Tiffany Ditto | Staff Writer


The Denton County Libertarian Party is calling for voters, but is not optimistic about its chances in the general election.

Party members invite anyone interested in an alternative to the Republican or Democratic parties to attend their nominating convention beginning 11 a.m. Saturday at the Denton Public Library at 3020 North Locust Street.

Bruce Hermann, libertarian and plastic surgeon. TIffany Ditto | Staff Writer

Bruce Hermann, libertarian and plastic surgeon. TIffany Ditto | Staff Writer

“We do what we can with the small number of people we have,” Denton County party Chairman James Felber said. “We have positions open on the executive committee that people can come and volunteer for.”

The party wants to gather more “politically homeless” citizens, and students to join their movement.

Bruce Hermann, who ran for Texas House District 63 in 2012, said as third party, it’s a struggle to be taken seriously in Texas politics.

“It’s a struggle for third parties, its hard not to get crushed,” Hermann said. “The Libertarian Party, to me, takes the best part of the Republican and Democratic parties and combines them. The Libertarians are economic conservatives and social liberals.”

Hermann is a plastic surgeon working at Denton Regional Hospital, and votes libertarian because he can “vote with his conscience.” He said in the coming years he may run for office again — but as a Republican.

“It’s hard as a Libertarian to decide if you want to stay in a party and try to shake it, like Rand Paul and the Republicans,” Hermann said. “We’re fighting a losing battle because it’s engrained that the United States is a two-party system.”

Hermann added that Gary Johnson, the candidate many Libertarians hope to elect as president, doesn’t stand a chance in November.

“Gary Johnson is not going to win,” Hermann said. “Even if both other candidates died he’s not going to get in.”

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  1. Tarrant County LP Chair
    March 11, 00:26 Reply
    As a Libertarian, I disagree with Mr. Hermann's assessment of Mr. Johnson's chances in November, espically given that the statewide turnout to precinct conventions on Tuesday were double the numbers from last year.

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