Denton picks new sheriff; GOP has new chairwoman

Daniel Ryan Carr | @danielryancarr

Jynn Schubert | @JynnWasHere

Denton voted for a new county sheriff and GOP chairwoman Tuesday in the Texas primary elections.

Tracy Murphree

Tracy Murphree ousted incumbent Sheriff Will Travis, and Lisa Hendrickson took down Kelly Sayre to replace Dianne Edmondson as county chairwoman.

Murphree had a large lead Tuesday night. Hendrickson, a Louisiana native with a background in education, had a lead of more than seven percent.

Sayre is a Texas native who has played a big role in the county GOP for several years, even serving now as the a vice chairman for the party.

Nobody has stepped forward from the Democratic Party to run against Murphree or Travis.

“I want to thank my voters,” Murphree said. “We have a great grassroots campaign. We had so many volunteers, so many people working for me behind the scenes with police associations throughout Denton County helping to spread the word. I appreciate their efforts so much.”

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