DIY: Painted light bulbs

DIY: Painted light bulbs

Anna Frosch



Looking for a new way to light up a room? Look no further. These crafts are cute, functional and simple.


Sharpie(s) in the color(s) of choice, and dark colors and metallic work best

Light bulb


1. Decide on a design to draw on the light bulb. It may be helpful to practice the idea on paper first. Keep in mind the more open a design is, the more light will shine through.

2. Draw the design on the light bulb, covering the entire bulb or as desired. This should be done in sections so as not to smear the marker.

3. After the design dries, screw the light bulb into the base of a lamp. The cost is less than $10.

Another way to achieve this look is using a doily and spray paint.


Light bulb


Spray paint (black or metallic works well)


Newspaper to cover and protect the work surface

Note: do this craft outside, as spray paint fumes can be toxic.


1. Cover surface of work space with newspaper so as not to damage the surface.

2. Drape the doily across the top of the light bulb and tape the ends to the base to make sure it won’t shift when painting.

3. Spray paint one side of the light bulb and let it dry, then spray the other side.

4. Once the light bulb is dry, remove the doily. The light bulb is now ready to be used.

The cost is less than $15.

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