Fascism Bingo at Dan’s Silver Leaf

Fascism Bingo at Dan’s Silver Leaf

Courtney Anderson

A stack of maps of the United States set clipped onto Peter Brigaitis’ clipboard. Glasses sat perched on his face as he scrolled through his phone, waiting for the first states’ polls in the 2016 election to close. Brigaitis stood at the front of Dan’s Silver Leaf where a watch party held by the publication “The Dentonite” took place.

A blue and red marker laid on the table in front of him next to his beer.

He hands out a map to anyone sitting near him and jokingly explains the rules of how to mark.

“Red and blue goes on this one,” Brigaitis said. “But if you would like to join in and only have a red marker to mark ones for Trump, then we call it a different game.”

He held up a different map, this one titled “Fascism Bingo.”

Brigaitis received his graduate degree in political science from UNT and now freelances and writes indexes in books. The long-time democrat has faith that the country will end up with his choice of a candidate.

“I don’t buy into all this automatic anti-government, everything’s all screwed up thinking,” Brigaitis said. “It takes a lot of work, a lot of effort, a lot of faith to run a country. If you lose faith in it, it can fall apart real quickly. You have a demigod running then, like now.”

He does not expect anyone playing the game to actually win, but if Donald Trump does happen to win the presidential race, there is a perk for anyone at Dan’s Silver Leaf.

“If he gets to 270, yell ‘fascism bingo!’ and I’ll buy you a beer,” Brigaitis said. “And probably hit you over the head.”

Featured Image: Many gather at an Election Night watch party at Dan’s Silverleaf hosted by The Dentonite. Sara Carpenter

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