Google opens new doors, expands minds

Victoria Baghaei | Staff Writer


Did you know the human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet? Or that your nose has the ability to remember 50,000 scents? Neither did I until a Google session on organs turned into me clicking every blue highlighted word that I came across.

Google has become the tool of our time. The instant gratification of finding what you need has not only increased the intelligence of those who use it, but has become one of the main tools in the educational world.

There is a way to find scholarly sources. You can search and find the name of that movie you watched when you were five despite being able to remember only a single line. Google has become everything we need while teaching us more. It guides our interests by providing multiple sources and answers to our one question.

I don’t buy the argument that Google has distracted our curiosity, because if I get curious in the middle of the night, I can Google it. And I find the answers – then some.

If you are looking for an answer on Google and can’t find it within the first page, chances are what you typed it wrong, google’d something that doesn’t exist, or you’re not reading the source descriptions.

The loss of curiosity and mystery can be put to rest by the increasing demand for having more than one source as your viable proof, as well as actually caring about the topic that you are researching.

Google is used constantly for school projects, wherein the source requirement has only increased. Instant gratification isn’t wrong when it calls for an increase in your educational standing.

So, if you feel as though Google has attributed to taking mystery and curiosity from the world, then you’re using Google wrong.

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