GSC changes during Monday meeting

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The Graduate Student Council changed its structure and procedures Monday by creating a preamble, summer Senate and judiciary branch.

The GSC Senate approved of a preamble for its constitution to explicitly state its purpose to serve as the official government for the graduate student body. The vote was 27-0.

The GSC Senate also approved of changing its election of officers from occuring in just the first last full week of April to the whole month of April. GSC president Jesus Valero said this will broaden the time allowed for elections. GSC now allows peers within a senator’s academic department to have the power to elect senators, with a Senate vote 17-6, with one abstention vote.

Valero said a GSC summer Senate is needed to make changes and decisions before the fall semester, when the GSC’s term starts. The summer will be a period for preparation, so changes will not have to be made during a busy starting semester when the term actually starts.

Sociology major Jacquie Cheun observed how SGA functions and its summer program where senators who volunteer serve over the break.

Senators considered how only appointing 10 senators for the summer would affect the fair representation of graduate students and their departments in how the ratio of students to senators is balanced.

A summer Senate was created 19 to 6, with two abstention votes.

Valero said he belives GSC lacks a third, unbiased branch to oversee the GSC Senate and Executive branches, and make decisions when there are diverging opinions.

“The intention behind this is to act as a checks and balances system. It is a check that is very common in a governing body system,” GSC director of communications Sarah Ferguson said.

The judiciary branch passed 21 to 3, with one senator abstaining.

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