Letter: Response to ‘Presidential candidates should not be unopposed’

Letter: Response to ‘Presidential candidates should not be unopposed’

April 07
11:46 2015

While reading the editorial board’s piece on the current state of our Student Government Association, I couldn’t help but take things a bit personally. Currently, I am the longest serving member of SGA that has not graduated yet. I have been a senator for three years, and am currently serving as advocate general until May of this year. I will never say that our SGA is perfect; in fact, I am probably one of the biggest critics of our SGA. However, it is not fair to put the blame solely on our SGA.

In the article, the editorial board was very quick to point out all of the flaws of SGA. The Daily chastised the SGA for not adapting its marketing techniques to the ever-changing population. The Daily called the SGA’s attempt at a presidential Q&A a “disgrace to the very idea of a student organization.” The Daily criticized the fact that there is only one presidential and vice presidential candidate, yet I don’t recall seeing a Daily article encouraging students to run for these positions.

The fact is the SGA at UNT tries extremely hard to get students involved. We created a new house of representatives to target student leaders within student organizations. We have a constantly up-to-date social media presence. We have posters and flyers up in every gathering spot on campus. We table constantly in heavily visited areas. We sponsor student organization events, big and small, in attempts to reach out and inform students of what their SGA can do for them. The Daily did not mention the constant efforts that the SGA has made to engage the student population, but instead chose to blame the SGA leaders for problems that are not limited to the SGA. The cold hard truth is that at this current moment, the majority of UNT students do not care to be involved.

I have spent four years of my life trying to involve and inform UNT students. I have hosted town hall meetings, tabled for hours on end, met with student organization leaders and put up more posters than any one person ever should. I did all of this in an attempt to fulfill my duty as a representative of the SGA, and I was not the only one doing it either. There are several SGA leaders striving to reach their constituents. While no one likes to say it, the fact is that the UNT students, and the culture they find themselves in, are primarily to blame. We provide every opportunity for UNT students to get involved. We do more marketing than any other student organization. We can lead the horse to water, but we cannot make it drink.

There are some UNT students that are constantly looking at ways to get engaged on campus. These are the students that are involved in SGA. These are the students that create positive change on our campus. There are also some students that are quick to point out the flaws of these students. They complain that nothing gets done, but offer no solutions. These are the students that will more than likely write for the NTDaily.

Adam Hasley is an integrative studies senior and the SGA advocate general. He can be reached at hasleyadam@yahoo.com.

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