New residence hall construction delayed until summer

New residence hall construction delayed until summer

The new residence hall set to be built behind Kerr Hall at the northwest corner of Eagle Drive and Avenue A has been delayed.

Construction for the project has not yet started and will start early in the fall semester, maybe summer 2017, Cassandra Nash, associate vice chancellor for facilities design and construction said. When construction does start, the project will take 17 months to complete. The hall’s approved budget is $4.9 million.

The reasoning for this new residence hall is to fulfill the university’s dormitory master plan. There has been a “recent additional need” for a new hall, Nash said. The location is based on the preferred location set in the master plan.

Along with a new residence hall, there will also be a new campus tour center. This tour center will include a function and office space, auxiliary, housing and dining offices and a preview dorm room, facilities design and construction project manager Andrew Herrell said.

UNT Housing is in charge of when the dormitory will be available for students to apply for residence, Nash said. This hall is designed for all students, so everyone will be able to apply.

When completed, there will be a supply of 500 beds, filling around 250 rooms.  

International studies freshman Allijah Riley, who resides in Maple Hall, feels it is a good idea to build a new residence hall.

“I think it is a good idea for new people coming to campus,” Riley said. “It [Maple Hall] is full, but I can’t tell there are a lot of people living in there.”

At the moment there is no name for the new hall, Nash said. The UNT System and the campus will come up with a name as the project moves along.

Jacobs, headquartered in Dallas, and Mackey Mitchell, based in St. Louis, MO are the project’s’ architects. Jacobs has worked on previous projects for the campus like the Highland Street Parking Garage, Business Leadership Building and Chestnut and Victory Residence Halls.

This new hall has raised awareness for students who live on campus, particularly Kerr Hall because of it being built on top of the existing parking lot R, a residence student parking lot.  

Social work studies freshman Kaitlyn Nelson does not like the new addition to the campus, due to the hall’s location.

“It is taking away parking, which is already a big issue on campus,” Nelson said. “It sucks that they are adding a building on campus. I live in Kerr Hall…when people come to visit me I don’t know where to tell them to park.”

Featured Image: Half of the parking lot behind Kerr Hall, UNT’s biggest dorm, has been blocked off for several months. This will be the future site of the University’s newest dorm, which will be able to house about 500 beds. Kady Shirley

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