Nobody has time for a media conspiracy

Nobody has time for a media conspiracy

Donald Trump just had the worst week of his presidential campaign and claims of a world-wide news media conspiracy to get Hillary Clinton elected are at an all-time high. Cries that “the media” are a terrible mass aiming to corrupt conservatives is nothing new, but this latest outcry underscores just how infantile Trump acts when he doesn’t get his way.

He says the election is “rigged” and that journalists are trying to sway the minds of the voting public. Yes, journalists do publish stories to inform people’s voting decisions, so Trump is probably just upset that journalists are doing their jobs.

The Washington Post just paddled him with the video, The New York Times just proved he evaded paying taxes for more than a decade and Alec Baldwin’s Trump on Saturday Night Live is probably the most accurate impression of a white man’s privilege circling the drain that I have ever seen.

I get it. It sucks to be Trump. But whose fault is that? Did the reporters at the Times convince Donald to avoid paying taxes? Did editors at the Post convince Trump to brag about sexual assault? I’m sorry, but were these journalists previously working as Trump accountants, advising him to take advantage of the system? Were they locker-room ruffians, urging Trump to talk about his sexual prizes?

No. These people are just reporting what occurred back then, long before the campaign began. These reports are based on the values of society. In the United States, at the time of Brock Turner, sexual violence is staunchly condemned. We know, thanks to Bernie Sanders (oh, how we miss you), people are fed up with the rich exploiting loop holes to get ahead.

So what does this mean? It means journalists, in their pursuits to reflect society’s values, report about the very issues the people in this nation are trying to reform. And it is thanks to reporters at the Times and the Post — and all of us in between — that we know Trump will be a champion for neither women’s rights nor tax evasion reform.

When Trump calls the media “rigged” in favor of Clinton, he is essentially blasting propaganda against the values of society, using the messenger (journalists) as a means to undermine what society holds dear, all in the name of getting elected. But Trump isn’t a politician, right?

Also, see this new tweet.

You can easily argue that many journalists lean to the left. And that may be true. But most of these people are not motivated by politics, but from identifying problems and bringing them to the public’s attention. The need for journalism transcends politics, so we shouldn’t judge the quality of journalism based on politics.

After all, both Trump and Clinton’s campaign rallies totally suck.

Featured Image: Protestors gathered Thursday outside Gilley’s South Side Ballroom as Donald Trump, presumptive Republican presidential nominee, spoke policy and ridiculed public officials. Prior to his speech, Trump a fundraiser at The Highland Hotel. Hannah Ridings

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