Prayer-shaming isn’t much of a mass shooting solution either

Prayer-shaming isn’t much of a mass shooting solution either

The Editorial Board

We have reached the point where, unfortunately, no one is particularly surprised to hear of another mass shooting in the United States.

We have cried over those lost at Columbine, wept for the children of Sandy Hook and razed Confederate monuments for the churchgoers killed in Charleston. But our response is of shock and disgust each and every time. U.S. citizens are aware of the problem and the necessity of a solution, but disagree on which course of action is necessary to neutralize the problem.

In light of this, it is particularly troubling to see writers like Arthur Delaney and Sam Stein, both of The Huffington Post, label displays of solidarity and outpouring of support as just “another deluge of tweeted prayer”.

“[But] every time multiple people have been gunned down in a mass shooting, all these officials can seemingly do is rush to offer their useless thoughts and prayers,” reads the Dec. 2 article, which ran just hours after the shooting.

This outcry is petty and also solves nothing.

Are they truly convinced those who choose to pray — an act extending into many religions and even among those who are aren’t all that faithful — believe prayer is a substitute for action? Or is their problem with prayer in general? In the former case, one might tell them to have a bit more faith in the citizens of the U.S. For the latter, they should just stick their head in the sand.

Another example lies is George Zornick, Washington editor of The Nation, who, believing himself to be the ultimate authority on the subject, simply tweeted “Compare + contrast,” with an image tacked on citing the immense differences between the statements released by a slew of presidential candidates. On the left, Martin O’Malley touts the NRA as responsible, saying “It’s time to stand up” and “enact meaningful gun safety laws.” To the right, John Kasich offered his “thoughts and prayers” to “those impacted by the shooting in San Bernardino.” Compare and contrast, indeed.

Politics aside, the problem lies with this so-called moral superiority claimed by Zornick, without considering those who might take offense to a public condemnation of an act which transcends age, gender, faith or politics: acknowledgment. Just as he says the right-leaning politicians are using prayer to replace actual action to curb gun violence, some might say the left are exploiting the attack and loss of life for political gain.

Despite the fact the U.S., according to certain Pew Research Center studies, might be growing less and less religious by year, freedom of religion still exists. Calling these people out for not offering immediate solutions is wrong and only serves to reveal a half-cocked intellect.

They are looking through their own rose-colored glasses and taking an opportunity to insult those who they fundamentally dislike.

Rest assured, true debate can and will be had among our lawmakers. But in the meantime, we should all stand in unity and offer our condolences to those affected rather than condemning those who weren’t responsible for the tragedy in the first place.

To quote Abraham Lincoln: “A house divided cannot stand.”

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  1. Race Hochdorf
    December 05, 01:39 Reply
    Nobody's "prayer shaming". We're "shaming" politicians who spew empty sentiments in the wake of tragedies that they could prevent if they would pass common sense legislation. And where were their prayers when the Planned Parenthood got shot up? From the editorial: "Rest assured, true debate can and will be had among our lawmakers." Um, in what universe? Both the House and the Senate are GOP-controlled. There won't be a debate, there will be... well, "thoughts and prayers". What a joke NT Daily.
    • Andy
      January 27, 15:58 Reply
      Like when the Democrats "booed God" at convention, right Race? Sure, no one meant to jeer the Creator, but at the same time the resentment of public religiosity runs silent but not very deep. Disdain for God, prayer, and everyone's favorite whipping-boy "organized religion" is always lurking just beneath the surface of liberal politics. Poke the grassroots a little and you'll see it spring up. Don't believe me? Watch your classmates lose it the next time an otherwise un-noticed street preacher comes to campus. I even saw rocks thrown at a preacher back in 2002. Small ones, yes. But rocks nevertheless ... and by someone proud of "tolerance." We were all surprised after the fact.
  2. Lincoln referenced Jesus
    December 13, 21:51 Reply
    Interestingly, President Lincoln was paraphrasing Jesus Christ in that particular statement. Jesus said "And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." (Mark 3:25 NKJV). In the context of the passage, Jesus was refuting the idea that He was casting demons out by the power of the devil, and He did so by showing that Satan is not going to legitimately attempt to destroy his own kingdom (Mark 3:22-30). Sin wreaks havoc on our country and provokes judgment from God (Proverbs 14:34; Romans 1:18-32). As horrific as these shootings may be, it should not surprise us if they pick up with more regularity. These men are wrong to do these things, because they are murdering, but even the acts of wicked men can be sent as judgment upon a people who promote gross sin on a national scale and mock holy things (Isaiah 10:5-7; Ezekiel 25:1-7). May God bless our country with prayers of repentance, and let the Gospel of salvation take hold on people so that they might turn from evil and receive forgiveness because on what Christ has done for His people (Mark 1:15; John 10:9-10; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4; Ephesians 2:8-9; James 4:4-10; 1 John 3:1-3).
  3. Bruce
    January 27, 11:58 Reply
    You cried over Colombine? You were 3. You probably needed your bottle.

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