SGA changes GPA requirement

SGA changes GPA requirement

Lisa Dreher | Staff Writer


The Student Government Association lowered Wednesday the grade-point average requirement for people running for student body president.

SGA president Adam Alattry said the current GPA requirement of 2.75 shuts out potential candidates who would otherwise make significant change for the student body. He and SGA vice president Chris Lee said a student’s GPA has nothing to do with their leadership skills.

“We were looking at the bylaws and realized there was kind of a gap between the vice president and the president,” SGA president Adam Alattry said. “I don’t think your GPA is indicative of your leadership skills.”

SGA’s bylaws require that the president must have at least a 2.75 GPA when they are elected, but it changes to a 2.5 minimum requirement for the length of their term.

“I’ve seen people who have made 4.0s that don’t have the leadership skills required to run for president or vice president,” Alattry said. “By making it higher, we’re excluding a lot of people who want to run.”

The vice president, freshman interns and executives must have a 2.5 when elected and throughout their term. Alattry said the change would simplify the election process so that the standard is the same for all members.

The bylaw passed the SGA Senate vote, 15-6.

“The idea behind it is to have it not be so confusing and just have everyone required to have a 2.5 GPA to run,” Alattry said.

College of arts and sciences senator Sam DeLeon was confused why the minimum for the president was lowered rather than raising the vice president’s GPA to the president’s level.

“The ideal leader knows how to do responsibilities,” DeLeon said. “Like a 2.5, I wouldn’t even think that’s the GPA of a president or vice president.”

College of education senator Myles Alexander said the minimum should be raised higher, to a 3.0

“You’re a leader of this campus,” Alexander said. “You can’t have your presidential GPA dropping below 2.5.”

Alexander and DeLeon voted against the bylaw.

SGA vice president Chris Lee rebutted by reminding the senators that president and vice presidents are typically juniors and seniors, and for them it is harder to improve grades considering the 60 credit hours they must take.

Other senators felt the time and effort a vice president or president put into their position would outweigh a low GPA.

“Say they’re stressing super hard because they have to get an A in a certain class but can’t get a B because that would lower their GPA,” college of music senator Chelsea Perry said. “But say they were putting extra time in their organization, even with a 2.5 they’re still above what all other student organizations require them to be at.”

Featured Image: SGA lowered the GPA required to run for student body president from 2.75 to 2.5. Lisa Dreher | Staff Writer

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  1. Vanilla
    February 25, 14:56 Reply
    With the requirement to maintain the position of President or Vice President being a 2.5 there is an increased danger of the executive leadership failing out of the senate, or shirking their duties to prevent such from happening. Vehemently opposed and I suggest that future senators change the bylaws to allow for a GPA cushion.

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