SGA president stresses efficiency, change

Ben Peyton / Senior Staff Writer

The Student Government Association held a meeting Wednesday where student body president Rudy Reynoso gave a State of the SGA address that focused on improving services to the student body.

Reynoso challenged the SGA Senators to focus on helping the UNT community and keeping internal undertakings to a minimum.

“Think of things you [senators] can do to make a small change,” Reynoso said. “Do things you can look back on and say I helped make that change happen.”

The SGA worked internally towards organizing and improving efficiency from last semester to focus more on meeting the student body’s needs for this semester, said Director of Leadership development, Morgan Ray.

The senate committee was reorganized, and more cooperation between the subgroups of the SGA were put together to create a stronger and balanced approach to projects.

“We want to really try and have a more constant presence on the projects that we’re doing and to impact people more on a one on one basis,” Ray said.

About 10 open senate seats remain with the goal to reach a full senate during the semester, Reynoso said.

SGA senators can reach out to students for open senate seats, but the decision is ultimately up to a student to apply. Then the SGA senate committee will put it to a vote.

“We try to make it more of a personal goal,” Ray said.

A complete list of senators can be found online at

Guest speaker Richard D. Hayes, a Denton attorney, gave a presentation to the SGA to hone their skills in parliamentary procedure and other experiences he has learned through the years practicing law.

The approval of the SGA budget has been postponed until the next regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

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