Students are hooked on Trivia Crack like, well…

Students are hooked on Trivia Crack like, well…

Hannah Ridings / Staff Photographer

Hallways across campus have grown louder since the sudden spike in popularity of the smartphone app Trivia Crack. Students can be heard shouting out general knowledge questions as their cell phone counts down from 30 seconds.

The app, released in late 2013, has reached 100 million downloads worldwide and has sat atop app charts for 60 days straight, according to USA Today

Trivia Crack features questions from six genres: sports, history, science, entertainment, art and geography. Players can also submit questions to be used in game play if others vote favorably for them.

With tons of quiz games to download, Trivia Crack gained momentum with its large question bank as well as being able to play Facebook friends or random online players, if you can’t risk ruining friendships.

“I lose against my parents all the time, but I still enjoy playing,” criminal justice sophomore Meagan Austin said.


Previous smartphone games like Flappy Bird, Angry Birds and Clash of Clans can take hours off a student’s already tight schedule without providing any educational benefits. Trivia Crack gives students an educational break while still engaging their curiosity for learning.

“I notice when I play, I know more than I thought I did,” hospitality and merchandising junior Mechelle Bussel said. “It makes me proud of myself for learning and remembering the things I learned in fifth grade.”

The popularity of apps that include mobile gaming is a phenomenon that has taken over cell phones since Apple launched its first app store in 2008.

“I think the popularity of games has to do with the challenge,” broadcast journalism junior Jordan Wilkins said. “That’s why it’s so addicting. You have to win and you keep playing until you do.”

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