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The economics of spring break

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Spring break is a time in our country in which high school seniors and college students of all ages visit beaches and destination cities across

Learning to be open about mental illness

Mental illnesses are frightening, but they shouldn’t be. Maybe they aren’t to you, but for some people mental illnesses are scary. They can be humiliating, debilitating and embarrassing. But now, it’s

What to consider for senior year

I’m just going to say it, I’m coming down with a hard case of senioritis. Is it just me or are the last two semesters in college the hardest times

Traditional versus nontraditional students

In our society, we place a great significance on higher education. Our parents and teachers always encouraged us to try our best academically. If we came home from school with

Strengthening your alumni network

When you were deciding what college you should attend, what factors did you take into consideration? Academic programs? Location? Social atmosphere? Those are typically the characteristics of a university that high

What it’s like being a Trump supporter

Two weeks ago, a contributing writer to the North Texas Daily published a column about her experiences dating a Trump supporter. While it was an interesting look at how political views can impact

The “Muslim ban,” from an economic standpoint

Once again, President Donald Trump has not failed to deliver on his promises. His campaign promised to “ban all Muslims” from entering the U.S., and this was put into action

Absence policies need more lenience

When professors distribute their syllabi, the first thing students do is flip through to find how many points we need to get a good grade, and how many classes we

Higher education isn’t meant for everyone

The Editorial Board Many of us have been groomed by our families to be the next great step in their bloodlines. Some of us came from blue collar units, primped

It’s perfectly okay to change your major

The Editorial Board As we round the third week of the semester our peers are likely up to their necks in more than they can handle. This is about the