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Thinking beyond your party loyalty

Kara Jobmann | Staff Writer In 2017, your political affiliation affects who your friends are, what you discuss and even who you date. It has even become a disclaimer on Tinder, making

A deeper look into President Trump’s new budget

One positive thing about President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget is that it will never pass in the House of Representatives. To summarize his new proposals, or as he calls it, “A

Defending Tomi Lahren shouldn’t be a liberal focus

The Editorial Board At UNT, conservatives and Republicans tend to be the whipping boys of political discussions. In many cases, however, a worse subculture is the liberal one which only

President Trump’s wall is actually racist

P.J. Martinez | Contributing Writer P.J. Martinez is a philosophy student at UNT. The following article is his response to the column, “What President Trump’s wall actually means.” Ms. Reed concedes

The balancing act of national surveillance

In the early hours of Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted a set of accusations directed at former President Barack Obama. Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped"

What President Trump’s wall actually means

In his first address to Congress on Feb. 27, President Donald Trump made many promises to the American people. He took stances, dug in his feet and set out a

The public relations ethics of Kellyanne Conway

Kara Jobmann | Contributing Writer Public relations professionals are some of the most skilled workers out there. They are persuasive, and can oscillate between news writing, op-eds, press releases and advisories.

Bannon, Trump and the ‘Nationalist Economic Agenda’

On the conservative spectrum, there are moderate conservatives, such as Paul Ryan, and more right-leaning individuals, such as President Donald Trump. Most Republicans can be classified into these two groups,

What it’s like being a Trump supporter

Two weeks ago, a contributing writer to the North Texas Daily published a column about her experiences dating a Trump supporter. While it was an interesting look at how political views can impact

How can Democrats succeed in the next four years?

On the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, Democrats awoke to a crude reality. Not only had their candidate lost the election for the 45th presidency, they were also now the minority