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The Cleveland killer shouldn’t be the demise of streaming media

The Editorial Board This past weekend, the ethics of live streaming were called into question through ways that even “Black Mirror” failed to make us confront. On Sunday in Cleveland,

What will the history books say about millennials?

The Editorial Board Despite the challenges plaguing the world this summer – whether it’s been police brutality, anti-LGBT hate crimes or terrorist attacks – we are currently members of a

Denton Facebook group unfazed by new gun policy

Tiffany Ditto | Staff Writer @TiffanyDitto A private Facebook group from Denton set up to buy, sell and trade firearms is defying the social media company’s wishes – and President Barack

Facebook’s safety check feature didn’t play favorites

The Editorial Board When Facebook launched a revamped safety check feature in the wake of the Paris attacks last Friday, many were quick to criticize the platform for its supposed

University posts controversial memorial for #ParisAttacks

Dalton LaFerney | News Editor @daltonlaferney The university found itself battling negative publicity on its Facebook page Saturday night after it posted a photo of McConnell Tower lit green in support

Canales lifts social media ban for football team after win

Jesse Brackeen | Staff Writer @hail_bracking When Mike Canales took over as the interim head coach Mean Green football on October 11th, he immediately took steps to change the culture

A Facebook argument and the suggestion of suicide

Rhiannon Saegert | Senior Staff Writer @Missmusetta Editor’s Note: This article, which also ran in print on Thursday, Sept. 17, has been edited. A recent Facebook spat between a local band

Column: the Internet’s latest nude fiasco

Trent Johnson / Views Editor and Joshua Knopp / News Editor Have you ever taken a nude photo? It’s an interesting question after the leaking of celebrity images, which appeared literally

Column: Sticking your face into the future

James Rambin // Contributing Writer [dropcap]P[/dropcap]redicting the future is a great way to disappoint people who haven’t been born yet. Every year for the last half-century, some “expert” says we’re only

Professors create Facefolio to help students learn

Facefolio engages student learning in English class By Marlene Gonzalez / Intern – Facebook’s popularity among students has led one professor to incorporate the format of the social site into