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The reasons that certain kids have free lunches

President Donald Trump released his 2018 budget proposal, “America First,” on March 16. The budget proposes to eliminate agencies and decrease funding for most of them, while increasing funds for

North Texans flock to late-night doughnut fix behind Queenie’s

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer @Kyle_Martin35 Bar-goers and concert attendees from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights have the opportunity to stumble past the back door of

University Union to keep many food options closed through summer sessions

Julia Falcon | Staff Writer @falconjulia22 Days may be getting longer during the summer, but the retail food hours are getting shorter. The University Union has fewer food options available

Queenie’s Steakhouse: home to beef, pork, quail and chef Tony Neglia

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer @Kyle_Martin35 Queenie’s Steakhouse is Denton’s only Zagat-rated, non-chain steakhouse, and is known for offering a luxurious, upscale dining experience in an otherwise grassroots, college town.

Shawarma chef enjoys self-employment on Fry Street

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer @Kyle_Martin35 Nestled between Jack in the Box and Voertman’s on Hickory Street is an almost-empty parking lot—save for a bright red food truck that serves

Bet the House Barbeque and pitmaster extraordinaire smoke up a storm

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer @Kyle_Martin35 Nestled in the same center as Twisted Bodies Pilates and Yoga, the North Texas African Food Market and Jack’s Tavern is a place where locals

Bar and restaurant 940’s establishes identity on Denton Square

Victoria Monteros | Staff Writer @ToriLaSuper A friendly, upscale bar-and-restaurant combination recently joined the plethora of local businesses around the Denton Square. Since its debut in Sept. of 2015, 940’s has striven

Campus Chat in Union to open Monday

Jynn Schubert | Staff Writer @JynnWasHere The food pavilion closed Friday, but the Campus Chat, located inside the University Union, will open at 10:30 a.m. Monday, according to the university. At

Take a 360° tour of the new University Union

Kristen Watson | Visuals Editor @kbwats Main Exterior Entrance Main Interior Entrance Main Hallway Syndicate Student Organizations Workspace Rooftop Garden Featured Image: Students were welcomed into the Union for the first

Steady diets proving to be vital for North Texas athletes

Alex Lessard | Staff Writer @alexlikechexmix With early morning workouts, practices, games, classes and tutoring, student athletes are some of the busiest people at North Texas. Through it all, ignoring