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The reasons that certain kids have free lunches

President Donald Trump released his 2018 budget proposal, “America First,” on March 16. The budget proposes to eliminate agencies and decrease funding for most of them, while increasing funds for

Learning to be open about mental illness

Mental illnesses are frightening, but they shouldn’t be. Maybe they aren’t to you, but for some people mental illnesses are scary. They can be humiliating, debilitating and embarrassing. But now, it’s

Denton Area Running Club kicks off Summer Run series

Adalberto Toledo | Senior Staff Writer @aldot29 About 140 people packed the seating area outside Beth Marie’s near Unicorn Lake Tuesday to kick off the Denton Area Running Club’s Summer

Making the most of tuition

Taylor Maynard | Staff Writer @trillataylor Ten thousand dollars will buy 10 gallons of gas per day for an entire year. It can purchase a new, 18-karat gold Apple Watch. It

Childhood friends bring fresh juice to Denton

Chad Robertson | Staff Writer @chadr0b The sound of blenders juicing fresh produce, a simple menu and passionate owners can be found within the citrus-colored walls of Denton’s debut juice

Play Like a Girl knows no bounds

Andrea Czobor | Staff Writer @AndreaCzobor Play Like a Girl president and broadcast journalism senior LaKaisiah Williams’ journey with the PLAG organization began through an internship this summer, where she

Half-priced STD testing happening now

Sarah Shellam | Contributing Writer Halloween is usually associated with costumes, pumpkins, candy and scary pranks. But UNT is adding a new and helpful tradition to the holiday. The Health and

With depression, remember you are not alone

Maureen McGuinness | Guest Column The college years bring a lot of excitement, possibilities and opportunities; new friends and new relationships. For the first time in your life, many of you

UNT mosquito trap tests positive for West Nile virus

Linda Kessler | Senior Staff Writer @LindaKessler A mosquito trap on campus has tested postive for West Nile virus, officials confirmed via email Thursday afternoon. The positive test occurred on Monday,

#NTDailyFirsts: Living on your own

Sam Beckett | Staff Writer @SamBeckett27 Living on your own for the first time can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Students will often find themselves feeling lost

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