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Learning to be open about mental illness

Mental illnesses are frightening, but they shouldn’t be. Maybe they aren’t to you, but for some people mental illnesses are scary. They can be humiliating, debilitating and embarrassing. But now, it’s

A not-so-silent night for a traveling man

Matt Payne | Copy Editor @MattePaper Groups of drunk, laughing people strolled along the sidewalk under luminous bulbs outside McBride Music & Pawn, returning to their cars in the wee

Time capsule to preserve modern university culture

John Hoang | Staff Writer @jhoang1995 Checking emails, making social media inquires and creating polls to gather data on UNT culture, political science sophomore Hannah Frosch works to create a

Living on the streets of Denton

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer @Kyle_Martin35 Lee Walker, 58, has been living on the streets since 2007. “Money makes being homeless better,” Walker said. “I make 20 bucks a day,

Group educates on dating violence

Chelsea Watkins | Staff Writer @chelloo Leaders in Family Education hosted a session on intimate dating violence Thursday night for students to understand and identify the various aspects of dating violence

Union Syndicate may feature lounge with bar

Alejandro Medellin | Staff Writer @medellin_alex Students have been curious about what sits behind the fences around the Union since construction began in 2012. After this semester, the long wait will be

Denton gains notoriety for hi-tech culture

Trent Johnson // Features Editor [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the name Denton gets injected in conversation, various thoughts may rush to the forefront of brains among the conversers. “Denton is a college town.”

A long way from home: the lives of Mormon missionaries

Obed Manuel // Senior Staff Writer Sister Zohner and Sister Christensen sit inside a classroom of the Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion on Mulberry Street with puzzled looks on their

Personal trainers help students get healthy

Nicholas Friedman // Staff Writer Whether it’s giving up a vice or picking up the weights with a personal trainer, many people set goals for self-improvement in the New Year.

Skate shop owners get second start

Valerie Turner / Intern Shelves filled with t-shirts, tank tops, hats, shoes and walls covered with skateboards and longboards, Denton Skate Supply is open for business. The Kiley brothers sit