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Democracy, at home and abroad

On March 25, the European Union celebrated its 60th anniversary. Jean Monnet, one of its founding fathers, said the idea was to create an “ever closer union” – one where “Europe will

President Trump’s wall is actually racist

P.J. Martinez | Contributing Writer P.J. Martinez is a philosophy student at UNT. The following article is his response to the column, “What President Trump’s wall actually means.” Ms. Reed concedes

What President Trump’s wall actually means

In his first address to Congress on Feb. 27, President Donald Trump made many promises to the American people. He took stances, dug in his feet and set out a

The public relations ethics of Kellyanne Conway

Kara Jobmann | Contributing Writer Public relations professionals are some of the most skilled workers out there. They are persuasive, and can oscillate between news writing, op-eds, press releases and advisories.

Millennials will decide all future elections

Harrison Long | Contributing Writer It would seem silly now to say that the 2016 election was historic in scope and outcome. Apart from the obvious, and the division that

Justice Democrats only support unjustified idealism

The Editorial Board On Jan. 23, Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks,” Kyle Kulinski of “Secular Talk” and former Bernie Sanders staffers Zack Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti founded the Justice

Bannon, Trump and the ‘Nationalist Economic Agenda’

On the conservative spectrum, there are moderate conservatives, such as Paul Ryan, and more right-leaning individuals, such as President Donald Trump. Most Republicans can be classified into these two groups,

What it’s like being a Trump supporter

Two weeks ago, a contributing writer to the North Texas Daily published a column about her experiences dating a Trump supporter. While it was an interesting look at how political views can impact

Elizabeth Warren and the power of silence

Last week Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was silenced on the floor of the Senate by its majority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KT). He evoked Senate Rule 19 while Warren debated

American identity, human identity

Nate Jackson | Staff Writer Why do we value our identities as left or right, liberal or conservative, blue or red, over our shared identity as Americans, or, more significantly,