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The Dose: Playboi Carti’s anticipated debut arrives

Xavier Spurlock | Contributing Writer Last Friday, rapper Playboy Carti released his highly anticipated self-titled debut mixtape. Released on the same day as Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN,” Carti is maintaining hip-hop’s

The Dose: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’ is a new hip-hop classic

Matt Brune | Staff Writer Seen by several as the greatest rapper of this hip-hop generation, Kendrick Lamar delivered another timeless masterpiece on the morning of Good Friday. The name

The Dose: Childish Gambino’s 10 greatest songs

Earlier this year, singer/rapper/comedian Donald Glover debuted new Childish Gambino music at exclusive California shows. He also released his acclaimed series, “Atlanta,” which was recently renewed for a second season.

Mumble rap is the genre’s glam phase

Preston Mitchell  | Staff Writer @presto_mitch If any genre differs from the music of my youth, it’s rap. From its late ‘70s conception to the ‘90s Golden Age, the genre

Rap, hip-hop and indie artists perform at DRC’s Thin Line showcase Thursday

Kyle Martin | Staff Writer @Kyle_Martin35 The Denton Record Chronicle’s music showcase at 9 p.m. Thursday at Dan’s Silver Leaf was cozy and intimate. Turnout was light compared to that

Republicans should listen to more rap music, democrats more oldies

Harrison Long | Opinion Editor @HarrisonGLong Before we proceed further, it should be clear that in order for the point of this article to resonate with the reader, vast generalizations

The Dose: DJ Mom Jeans brings a funky beat

Sam Beckett | Staff Writer @SamBeckett27 Danny Masterson might be better known to some as Hyde, his alter-ego on the critically-acclaimed sitcom “That 70’s Show,” but since its conclusion he

Local hip hop artist plays to his own beat

Kayleigh Bywater | Senior Staff Writer @kayleighbywater Most people try to keep up with the most popular music tracks or follow the biggest artists of the year. Musician and Denton

The Dose: Kanye West unveils new track at Adidas event

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor Kanye West had a weird week. From Sunday night’s Grammy nonsense to rumblings that he is headed to the studio with Will Smith and Taylor

Lights please: crowd of more than 6,000 fills Coliseum for J. Cole

Ali West // Staff Writer A haze of smoke filled the room as blue and red lights flashed on the stage. More than 6,000 people went silent. And then J.

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