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The Dose: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’ is a new hip-hop classic

Matt Brune | Staff Writer Seen by several as the greatest rapper of this hip-hop generation, Kendrick Lamar delivered another timeless masterpiece on the morning of Good Friday. The name

Chance the Rapper is more than his religious stances

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards were held on Feb. 12, and as many have heard or seen, the night was extravagant and eventful. Among the winners and performances, the noteworthy, historic winner

Where are today’s religious leaders?

The way religion is so knit into the fabric of history makes the subject unavoidable to talk about. Whether you identify as religious, spiritual or neither, no one can deny

Rabbi-to-be defies dogma at Denton’s Bethel Temple Fellowship

Austin Jackson | Staff Writer @a_jack17 A red-brick synagogue featuring a large beige cross stands at the intersection of Tradition and Progress. With a little extra oomph, the ornery white

NAACP president hosts rally to address representation and history

John Hoang | Staff Writer @jhoang1995 Standing under the Confederate statue on the Square, NAACP president Willie Hudspeth addressed a crowd on racial issues plaguing the community and the lack

Buddhist meditation class provides sanctuary

Nikki Lyssy | Staff Writer @Blindnikkii The subtle hum of a humidifier positioned in the center of a small room is all that can be heard. The lights are dim,

Letter to the Editor: Muslim Student Association

Editor’s note: The authors of this Letter to the Editor represent the UNT Muslim Student Association, a campus organization dedicated to the practice and education of modern-day Islam. Not All

Large crowd views unscheduled religious argument in middle of campus

Steven James / Staff Writer More than 300 students, staff and faculty gathered today around the street and sidewalk in between Willis Library and the Business Leadership Building Monday after

A long way from home: the lives of Mormon missionaries

Obed Manuel // Senior Staff Writer Sister Zohner and Sister Christensen sit inside a classroom of the Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion on Mulberry Street with puzzled looks on their