The Dose: ‘Splatoon’ is more than an inkling of fun

The Dose: ‘Splatoon’ is more than an inkling of fun

Nicholas Friedman / Features Editor

Platform: Nintendo Wii U

Release Date: May 29, 2015

Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No.2 (‘Wii Sports’ ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’)

Price: $59.99

Fresh ideas are rare in the gaming industry. When each year is filled with the typical shooter or sports game, there are gems that shine through and make each of us smile a bit more. ‘Splatoon’ is one of those games.

Billed as a third-person shooter for the Nintendo Wii U, ‘Splatoon’ is about squids that turn into kids, and vice versa, and shoot colored ink from guns. Combining the antics of games like “Team Fortress 2” and “Monday Night Combat” with the excitement and gratification of waking up early Saturday morning for cartoons, this game is stuffed to the brim with class.


As of now, the game contains two online multiplayer game modes, a single player campaign and a 1V1 local multiplayer mode. The first of the online modes is ‘Turf War’ which has teams of four try to cover the most ground with their ink. At the end of the match, the map is surveyed and a winner is chosen. Pretty simple, right?

In the second game mode, ‘Splat Zones,’ players work on guarding specific safe zones on the map, similar to king of the hill style game types. This one involves a bit more strategy, but in both modes strategy is limited by the lack of voice chat. That’s right, you can’t talk to your teammates.


Gameplay screenshot courtesy of Nintendo and GamesPress.

While the game may seem simple on paper, each match is made continuously unpredictable as different weapons and tactics from players keep this dynamic. For instance, you could be using a paint roller, which is a great melee weapon and covers a lot of ground, but put up against a sniper and you’re basically a sitting duck. Players will also turn into squids and dip and dodge around the maps, playing hide-and-seek with those intent on winning.


When the game launched last Friday there were five multiplayer maps, with two being cycled out every few hours. Yesterday, an update added one new map, a new weapon based on the original Nintendo’s Zapper gun, and ‘Splat Zones.’ If this stream of content continues, there is a future for ‘Splatoon.’


Gameplay screenshot courtesy of Nintendo and GamesPress.

Between purchasing each of the games many paint-based weapons, to collecting each article of clothing and leveling it up (leveling up nets the user a random ability unlock) players will find hours and hours of content here. They also recently added ranked matchmaking to the game for those looking for a more competitive edge.

If that just isn’t enough, there is the 40+ mission campaign mode, in which you, the Inkling, are tasked with locating the squid city’s missing power source. On top of this, a set of amiibo figurines are available, which add additional clothing items and missions to the game.


For a game that looks awfully kid friendly, there is a lot of fun to be had here for all ages. If you have a Wii U, this game is for you. If you don’t, find a friend who does because ‘Splatoon’ is the game that you won’t know you want until you play it.


Featured Image of “Splatoon” game play courtesy of Nintendo and GamesPress.

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