Uber taxi service takes Dentonites for a ride

Uber taxi service takes Dentonites for a ride

Uber taxi service takes Dentonites for a ride
January 20
00:08 2015

Andrea Masamba / Staff Writer

At the touch of a button, a luxury vehicle is outside your door for your convenience, complete with a driver and a few chilled waters if you’re lucky. This “no cash, no hassle” transportation service known as Uber has recently grown in popularity.  The question is, how long will this last, and why now?

It’s no surprise that college students are always in need of reasonable pricing, so the fact that Uber is pegged as cheap and convenient is a factor in its growing popularity.

Online reviews rave about Uber’s attractive pricing. However, the way customers are treated will ultimately be the determining factor in its success.

Denton resident Mauri Quinn spoke highly of her experience with Uber.

“Every ride has been even more pleasant,” Quinn said. “People who use Uber are being more conscious after partying.”

Quinn relies on Uber because she currently does not have a car. After losing her wallet one evening, she was able to depend on Uber because of its modern payment procedure.

The free Uber App allows customers to pay for their ride with either a credit or debit card that the app stores on file for future use. The application also allows the customer to generate an estimated price for a ride by selecting the starting point and destination to ensure the price is satisfactory.

According to the app, most rides within Denton city limits range from $5-$10.

Uber does not require that drivers be tipped for their services. Quinn said not only is Uber easy on the pocket, but it is also a reliable method of transportation for those without means to get anywhere. 

In a company that makes a consistent effort to keep prices low for its customers, there isn’t a way to be certain if the driver, the middle-man, is benefitting from the endeavor.

Marketing senior Ethan Blair became an Uber driver after scrolling through Reddit one afternoon. He applied using Uber’s online application and provided the necessary documents to be considered.

Blair said he always makes sure to keep his car clean and presentable for his customers. He also dresses the part by driving in a shirt and slacks, but he wasn’t happy to learn that Uber collects 20 percent of all profits in addition to a $1 safe rider fee.

“Any drive that isn’t a significant distance is a waste of time, gas and money,” Blair said. “But it feels good knowing that I am bringing people home safely, and I enjoy the job, even though there is no profit.”

Recent marketing graduate Nadia Patterson said her experiences with Uber haven’t been too promising.

“One night our Uber driver kicked my boyfriend and I out, made us pay cash, and then charged $50 dollars to my account,” Patterson said.

On the other hand, business senior Sierra Dennis said she is a big fan of Uber. After hearing about Uber on Twitter, she has become a frequent rider.

“I like the convenience and cheap cost over a car service,” Dennis said. “You can play your music and have fun with it.”

Featured Image: Human resources management senior Bana Gelai browses the Uber website trying to pick out her ride. Photo Illustration by Adrian Warfield

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