Weekly Brunch Review: Cups and Crepes

Weekly Brunch Review: Cups and Crepes

Courtney Garza



This house-turned-restaurant has a classic brunch feel with its own cultured flare.

Owner Patrick Will, 45, opened up Cups and Crepes in 2006 with his wife and Dawnry Will after moving into the house to live in 2005. She came up with the idea to turn the downstairs portion of the house into a crepes and coffee style restaurant and came up with the name.

“We wanted to share the culinary experiences from our travels,” Patrick said.

With a personal and eclectic atmosphere, the restaurant features art pieces that the couple has collected from around the world. Their staff includes UNT public affairs and community service junior Bryan Greene. He came in, made a cappuccino and he became part of the family.

“We have this special called the Huddy, which was something one of the guys, Hudson made when he worked here and now it’s part of the menu,” Greene said. “I like how we adapt things like that to keep around aspects of the staff, even when they’re gone.”

Cups and Crepes gives nothing but “honest cooking” as Patrick Will states, as the crepes, as well as everything else, are made fresh and custom-to-order out in the open. After taking ownership two years ago, Patrick prides the restaurant on its quality.

The spot has creative crepes for the savory and sweet tooth alike, like the smoked salmon crepe or sweet like the Nuetella and banana crepe. The quality is shown in the cups as well, with a variety of specialty coffees and teas brewed fresh.

“We put our best effort into everything we do and that’s what you’re paying for,” Patrick said.

The quality is appreciated among Dentonites like regular Christian Worlow, an English doctorate student. He comes every Tuesday and Thursday for the friendly service, a house coffee and a quaint and quiet place to work.

“I am consistent with what I get because I know the quality is quick and excellent,” Worlow said. “Though it has Denton written all over it, it’s much more personal and less distracting than the more social affairs.”

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  1. JMP
    February 13, 12:35 Reply
    As delightful as this restaurant sounds... I knew the reprobates that lived in the same space when it was an apartment. I know what went on in that apartment... I can not bring myself to eat there...

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